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Breakfast of a champion with Nutri Blitzer

November 1, 2015

I’ve been a smoothies fan for over a year now, while trying to maintain a balanced diet, and as a way out of thinking too much in the kitchen. I do love to cook, don’t get me wrong, but I have never been a fruit passionate, and I know just how important they are for a healthy lifestyle. Also, I hate kale, thus adding it in a concoction of mango and pineapple is the best idea ever; delicious taste and nutrients, all in a cup. So, how do we create our own smoothies to ensure we achieve our 5-a-day goal? The market is full of books and recipes on the subject, but what about reasonably priced and up to task blenders?

I have been using Nutri Blitzer™ for the past couple of weeks and I am totally impressed. Championed by double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell, the brand new blender from JML unlocks the nutrients and vitamins found in food that some ordinary blenders and juicers can leave behind. With its powerful, highly efficient blade-technology, Nutri Blitzer™ breaks down stems, seeds, nuts, leaves, skin, peel and ice, leaving you with no bits, no mess, and no waste – just pure nutrition! I’ve been using some of the competition, and they are good, but this one is better because it has the same amount of power (700W), but half the noise. And trust me, when you wake up at 7 a.m. the least thing you want to hear while preparing your smoothie, is the crunching noise of machine in your kitchen. nutri blitzer

In a single Blitz Fix™ you can pack pack vitamins and flavour from citric fruit like oranges and lemons, alongside the anti-oxidant qualities of green, leafy superfoods like kale and spinach as well the low carb, vitamin-dense cruciferous veg like broccoli and cauliflower. You don’t need to peel, de-seed or de-stem your ingredients. Just wash and add them straight to the cup. Conventional juicers can leave behind essential elements like pulp and fibre, and some ordinary blenders often don’t have the power or blade technology to extract all of the vitamins and minerals available, however the Nutri Blitzer’s™ extraction blades pulverizes skin, seeds, nuts, leaves, rind and stems into a smooth liquid making it perfect for not just creating your Blitz Fix™ smoothies, but also sauces and soups. The blender comes in three chic colours: black, lime and berry and it is also accompanied by a recipe book with diet planner and nutrition guide. From energy boosting to fat burning, weight loss, muscle gain, cleansing and detoxing, it’s all in this handy guide along with a diet planner and nutritional guide to help create custom made superfood recipes and get the most out of the Nutri Blitzer™.

I have prepared my favourite breakfast smoothie for you, it is so addictive you would want to have it all day long! Also, check my short video on Youtube, I’ve had so much fun shooting that day. It didn’t matter the light was terrible and my tripod was wobbly, all I wished was I’ve made much more than just one cup!

nutri blitzer