Rediscovering Myself at New Life Portugal: A Personal Journey to Wellness

December 18, 2023

Last month, I embarked on a transformative retreat at New Life Portugal, nestled in the serene mountains just two hours from Porto. This wellness center is more than a getaway; it’s a sanctuary for recovery, personal growth, and mindfulness, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.

**A Retreat for the Soul**

From the moment I arrived, the sense of community enveloped me. The simplicity of the rooms, each radiating tranquility, was matched only by the beauty of the surroundings. My villa, a 10 min walk from the main buildings, provided a perfect escape into nature.

**A Sanctuary for Mindful Reconnection**

The hustle and bustle of daily life can take a toll on our well-being, leaving us craving a moment of respite. New Life Portugal provides the perfect setting for a restorative short break, a digital detox, and a conscious self-care experience. Nestled in the scenic mountains, this mindfulness retreat caters to your inner needs, allowing you to learn new skills and recharge.

**A Hub of Connection**

The community center, the social heartbeat of the resort, offered a space to share meals, attend workshops, and engage in heartwarming conversations. A dedicated lounge with an open fireplace became a haven for board games, reading, or simply unwinding. The intentional discouragement of device use encouraged genuine connections within the community.

**Wellness in Every Detail**

New Life Portugal boasts a diverse array of activities – from cultural pursuits to nature adventures. The emphasis on sustainable living is evident in activities like gardening, biodiversity workshops, and exploration of the surrounding villages. Every morning, I savored the quiet beauty of the valley, a perfect start to my day.

**Holistic Wellness Programs**

Whether you’re seeking rest, dealing with grief, managing stress and anxiety, or navigating life transitions, New Life Portugal tailors programs to meet your needs. With skilled counselors and life coaches, the resort provides a supportive environment for introspection and personal development. From three-day getaways to month-long immersive experiences, each program includes a range of offerings. Your private ensuite room, daily meditation sessions, guided walks, thematic workshops, and nourishing meals are just a glimpse of what awaits.

**Mindful Living and Self-Care**

The focus on mindful living is reflected in the daily schedule that includes meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices. The themed weeks add an extra layer of depth to the experience. During my stay, the theme of wonder and awe infused each day with appreciation for life’s simple joys.

New Life Portugal goes beyond traditional wellness. Inspired by leading psychologists and industry experts, the retreat offers proven practices in a picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Site. The blend of yoga, Reiki, meditation, and massage creates an ultimate experience of total mind and body rejuvenation.

**Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle**

My personal journey took an unexpected turn – I developed an intolerance to alcohol after the retreat. It was a testament to the transformative impact of my brief stay. The sense of community, free from judgment, added to the richness of the experience. Connecting with people from diverse backgrounds created a supportive environment that felt like a home away from home.

**A Unique Practice: Noble Silence**

New Life Portugal introduces a unique practice inspired by Buddhism – noble silence. From 9.30 PM to 8.30 AM, guests refrain from speaking, allowing for a deep connection with oneself, their voice, and their thoughts.

**Culinary Delights**

The culinary experience at New Life Portugal is a delight for the senses. Simple yet fresh meals, rich in vegetables and lean proteins, promote well-being. The absence of processed foods and refined sugars aligns with the commitment to holistic health.

**Escape, Reflect, Transform**

For me, the three-day retreat served as a much-needed respite. From yoga sessions, intense fitness classes and massages to reflective moments in the contemplative hall, every experience contributed to my rejuvenation. At the breathing workshop we learned how to properly breath and we left with a breathing tool that helps us when dealing with anxiety, stressful moments and difficult situations. I actually got to implement it upon my return home and it worked! Made me more calm, focused and rational. The longer you stay, the more opportunities there are to explore and heal. You can choose to stay up to a month, thus more beneficial for your healing journey.

**Special Offer for You**

I want to share the magic of New Life Portugal with you. Use code “EATWEARTRAVEL” for a 7.5% discount on your stay (only 7m& 14 days programs). For reservations made this December and for arrivals from 16.01 – 31.12 2024. Take a pause, reconnect with yourself, and embark on a journey of self-discovery in the heart of Portugal’s natural beauty.

If you’re experiencing the festive fatigue prevalent in today’s society, consider New Life Portugal as a haven for holistic well-being.


In the serene embrace of New Life Portugal, I discovered not just a retreat but a path to self-renewal. The supportive community, diverse activities, and commitment to holistic well-being make this wellness center a gem. If you find yourself in need of a break, a recharge, or a transformative experience, consider New Life Portugal – where wellness meets wonder.

I wholeheartedly recommend taking the opportunity to prioritize your well-being and embark on a transformative experience.

*Note: Alcohol intolerance is a personal experience and may vary for each individual.*