Emma, You’ll always be my little girl – personalised book for Father’s Day

May 13, 2021

Father’s Day is a big event in our family. My husband is such an amazing and dedicated father, which is why his role needs celebrated. It is quite difficult to shop for him, though, especially when this day is so personal to both him and my daughter, who’s a daddy’s girl all day long!

Hooray Heroes

I am thankful to Hooray Heroes for introducing me to their amazing personalised books which make any events in your family so special. This is a start-up company that creates customised books to each member of your family or friends and they have a large variety of books to choose from. For Father’s Day I chose the daddy edition of “Emma, You’ll always be my little girl“.

The customisation process is simple and exciting. You chose the name of your kid and of the dad, then you move on to features such as skin colour, eye colour, and so on, just to make them look as close as possible to reality. After you’re happy with this process, you get to chose 10 stories out of 20 which capture dad imagining the everyday moments that become memories of bonding with his little girl. From riding a bike to saying good night, this book is such an emotional rollercoaster! Just like fatherhood.

Hooray Heroes

You have the possibility of writing a dedication on the first page of the book, which makes the entire experience even more personal. My husband was so surprised about the gift, he really loved reading each story to Emma, discovering them together and he was impressed with how well the characters looked like them both. All of the stories are engaging and not too short, so you can read them a couple each night.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful, really detailed and the quality of the overall book is perfect. There are so many books to choose from on their website, including a twin book, sibling book, couples book, books for moms too, you will love browsing, trust me!

I also have a discount code which gives you 10% off on top of already reduced prices: EATWEARTRAVEL10. It’s valid on all the books and will be active for 72 hours from today. Let me know the Hooray Heroes book you’ve chosen!

This post has been written in collaboration with Hooray Heroes, but as always, all opinions are my own.