Vorwerk Kobold vacuum system – how it will change your life!

February 19, 2019

After we bought our house, my first thought was how in the world am I going to keep clean a two stories house without loosing so much time and energy? For a few months I felt like a slave, vacuuming and mopping the entire house daily, cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, and everything took me more than 4 hours per day. Sometimes I cleaned twice, because when you are renovating, there is always a mess! I was debating to hire a cleaning person because I couldn’t handle taking care of the house, doing my job and looking after my family. Until I kindly received a Vorwerk Kobold VK200 expert set which completely changed my life. Honestly, a device like this can revolutionise your world. 

Vorwerk use a direct sales model to advertise and sell their products, which is why none of my friends and family ever heard about this brand. Luckily, I am eagerly raving about it to everyone I know because it has truly cut my cleaning time in half. When I first opened the box, I was amazed of how sleek and gorgeous this vacuum cleaner looks. Everyone has that cupboard where they shove all the cleaning tools, but you would actually want to showcase Vorwerk in all its glory. I had to spend quite a while reading the instructions manual to be able to set up the vacuum cleaner, but you can actually book a two hours slot with a Vorwerk salesperson to learn how to use it properly.

Vorwerk Kobold VK200 comes with lots of attachments, but the ones I got to review are EB400 and SP600. The EB400 attachment is really clever and due to smart technology can adapt to carpet or hard floor, so no need to push any buttons or fear you might scratch your wood floor. The SB600 attachment is the one I use most of the time, because it can vacuum and mop in one go. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. It is a Godsend! It takes me now around 45 minutes to vacuum and mop the house, which leaves me time to do a lot of other chores, or just watch a movie and relax. 

There are lots of other attachments which can be purchased that will help you clean everything from stairs and soft furnishings to mattresses and walls. The Kobold cleaner is simple to work with, it detaches the attachments like a dream and when you are using the SP600, changing the water tank and cloths are super easy and intuitive. There is an indicator on the front that shows how full the bag is, and if you have to change it, that’s a simple task. The controls at the top come in soft, medium, hard and auto settings, depending on the power of suction you desire. One of the features I like about this vacuum cleaner is that you don’t have to turn off the device if you need to take a call, or answer the door, you just lock the cleaner into upright position to cut off the power. When not in use, the cleaner can just hang by the hook at its rear.

Kobold comes with a Dovina scent chip that will freshen up your entire house, and the smell is amazing! Clean, like a spring breeze. One thing I’ve noticed on my dark wood flooring is that no matter how much you’ve cleaned, there is always spots or marks or dust still embedded on the floor, which is really annoying after spending so much time cleaning. After using SP600 my floor is spotless clean and it lasts! Well, until my daughter decided to play with her food and then it’s back to square one. You can actually choose from 3 different settings on how much water you need to disperse, depending on how dirty the surface is. I tend to use the 3rd level on my tiles on the hallway entrance as everyone coming in looks like they’ve had a party in the muddy puddles. There is no need to soak your mop, worry you’ve flooded the floors and wait forever to get them dry. 

Another aspect I love about the SP600 is that the cloths are washable and reused and you can either use Koboclean the brand’s own cleaning product (which is amazing) or a dash of fairy liquid mixed with water in the special tank.

We currently have 3 vacuum cleaners in our house, but I am deciding to donate the other two because we’re reaching to Kobold every day now. I am planning on getting some of the attachments for the stairs, which will come really handy. In terms of weight, it’s not light as the cordless ones, but then again, those are powerless and a bit of waste of energy. It’s still easy to carry and it does have a set of wheels that are really handy. The cord is 10m long, which means you can pretty much clean an entire floor in one go from one socket. It does get in the way a bit, but all in all it is definitely my favourite cleaner I’ve tried so far. 

The vacuum also has a dry cleaning attachment which I would love to try and deep clean my carpets. So if you have a large house that requires a good clean, Vorwerk Kobold has got everything you ever needed. The cost of the system is £1,199 but you don’t have to be put off by the cost. What I’ve learnt after buying our first home is that you need to invest in order to get the most out of everything. Nice and better things do cost money and Vorwerk devices are known for their longevity.

There is also an 0% Interest Free credit on all Kobold orders over £749 so if you want to invest in a Kobold cleaning product with the lifespan of 30+ years, now it’s the time. We tend to invest in things that depreciate so fast, such as the latest phones or laptops, but think about investing the same amount on a device that will save you time and effort for years and years. There are people who still use their Kobold from the 40’s and this says something about the extreme quality of the brand. 

The difference between Kobold and VK200 and other vacuum cleaners is that it offers really powerful suctions to lift dirt from the root of your carpet while filtrating the air as you clean. No more dust in the house, people! I can see the quality of the air I am breathing in my house has improved and somewhat due to the vacuum cleaner too. The roller brush is replaceable and you can just purchase one every few years.

All Kobold products are ergonomically designed so can be used by any age group of any mobility with adjustable suction levels, 360 swivel, telescopic handle etc. While the VK200 might look like any other upright vacuum cleaner, it’s the attention to detail that really makes this cleaner stand out. The flexible mounting attachment makes it really easy to vacuum at practically any angle, reaching under sofas and furniture really easily. This is definitely a smart, powerful and well built vacuum cleaner that will last for decades. 

*AD. Product received as gift. All opinions are my own.