Philips Hue Starter Kit – The Art of Lighting

April 11, 2018

*Article written in collaboration with Philips Hue. To discover more about Philips Hue click here.

I remember when I was a kid, I would dream of being able to clap my hands and turn off the lights, just like I’d see in movies. The perks of living in this century is the extent of technology, especially the one we see in our homes. Smart houses and home automation is something we live with more and more every day, but when smart technology and art are combined, something extraordinary is created. The environment where we work, eat, sleep, exercise, create, should be tailored to out needs, and this is where colour and light come into play. If you want to get inspiration from the environment, Philips Hue Starter Kit is the best in the business of providing smart home lighting automation and control.

Think of a world in which you can control every item of your home from your smart phone. The Philips Hue bulb brings that dream closer to reality, allowing you to control wirelessly your lighting fixtures. All you need is to download The Philips Hue app (available both for Android and iOS), which lets you modify intensity, set custom colours, colour combinations, and schedules for each room of your house. I had honestly felt like a child when I screwed my first bulb and started playing with the app. Even my daughter Emma, who is 1 and a half, had a moment of WOW when I started changing the colours of the bulb in our living room.

The devise is really simple to use. The starter package includes 3 white and colour bulbs, a hue bridge, and a dimmer switch. Philips bulb’s lifespan is up to 15 thousands hours and every bulb uses 80 percent less strength than a traditional incandescent bulb. Philips Hue offers 3 sorts of sensible lights that are available in different shapes and sizes for every home and need.

The first step is to attach the power adapter and Ethernet cable on the back of the bridge, then plug the Ethernet cable into an opening of your router. The Hue Bridge is the central purpose that the Hue bulbs connect with. The device is also support for Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform. You can use Siri to manage the compatible smart home product, basically activate the lights through voice-controlled virtual assistant.

The second step is to download the Philips Hue App.

The third step is to screw the bulbs into appropriate light fixtures. I used the bulbs in the living room, and in our bedroom for my table side lamp. Don’t include the bulbs into recessed or fully enclosed fixtures. Turn the correspondent light switch to its “on” position. Make sure your Hue Bridge lights are lit and running. Register an account on the app.¬†You can control your Philips Hue bulbs through your SmartThings Hub, or through Amazon Alexa too. Since I only have smart phones in my home, I had to use it to the fullest. The app is pretty intuitive. Identify the smart light bulbs and rename them. Then the fun part begins by setting up routines, alarms, or changing the colours and moods from the navigation bar.

Using the Hue app you can control and customize the colour and depth of each light bulb. You can select Hue white for simple management, Hue white ambiance for chill daylight, or Hue white colour ambiance for an immersive expertise. Philips Hue App also comes with readymade scenes like dawn, relax, tropical, and many other with infinite prospects for enjoying desired moods. Philips Hue white ambiance will assist you to go to sleep and awake gently. It will energize you and assist you to concentrate, or relax. You can also add your own photos to apply with Hue. By dragging each bulb to any colour on the photograph, the bulbs will mimic the colour selected. The bulbs can also be controlled from anywhere in the world, so no more “did we leave the lights on?” concerns. By adjust brightness, fade through colours, and other fun automation, you can sync your home with clever technologies. No longer an idea, but a reality, you can now tailor your environmental needs. We are so impressed with the Philips Hue starter kit, and it has made our home more personal, smart and beautiful.