Reshape your body with Vibrosculpt by endoSPHERES

April 11, 2018

When I was younger, I would’ve never imagined this day will come. The day I’d get worried about my cellulite and extra pounds. I’ve always been skinny, probably too skinny, so I was never concerned about most women’s issues in terms of beauty and looks. More, I would always search for recipes to gain a little bit of weight.  Years passed, I had a baby, and with ageing came the most feared marks on my body. With a lack of determination, no discipline of dieting, and lack of time, I was now desperate to do something quick in order to be ready for summer. Luckily, the beauty technology nowadays is so revolutionary and living in London it means I have access to so many different treatments designed for people like me.

The Vibrosculpt by EndoSPHERES Therapy I tried a few weeks ago is absolutely brilliant. Did you know that 90% of women experience cellulite and no matter how much you exercise or eat well, getting rid of that orange peel is really difficult. The EF Medispa, award winning clinic in London, is offering this amazing therapy that would tackle the uneven, orange-peel appearance, leaving skin smoother, tighter and more defined. The Vibrosculpt by EndoSPHERES therapy method is non-invasive and one of the best methods agains cellulite. Being researched for over 10 years by leading Italian medical professionals, the therapy combines both micro-vibration and micro-compression technology which triggers fat cells to break down and increase lymphatic drainage. 

The treatment uses multiple rotating spheres, causing a pulsating effect to help contour problem areas such as the legs, arms and stomach. I had the treatment done by a really lovely therapist on my legs, upper thighs and bums. Through this ‘pulsating compression’ method, fat deposits are pressurised and therefore loosen to finally break down, which the body can then naturally remove, allowing for the re-shaping of the fat and adipose tissue. These spheres also stimulate fibroblasts which are responsible for elastin and collagen production to make the tissues smoother and firmer whilst reactivating blood circulation to improve skin tropism and cellular oxygenation.

The procedure didn’t hurt at all. I almost fell asleep during the therapy, and I usually have a really low pain threshold. Treatment time is ranging from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the area and a course of 12 is recommended. There are no sun exposure contraindications so you can definitely have the treatment all year round. 

What are the EndoSPHERES therapy benefits? First of all, it helps contouring and reshaping the body, reducing the blemish and breaking down the adipose aggregates in the problematic areas as early as from the first few treatments. I’ve only done one treatment and I could already see results. No more need to Photoshop my legs anymore! The therapy also helps toning the muscles thanks to the stimulation made by vibration. The most obvious action is the lymphatic drainage without any traction and suction of the skin, which is why the procedure is not painful at all. You can definitely feel an improvement of the microcirculatory system due to the specific honeycomb-like arrangement of the vibratory elements on the cylinder. This procedure is used in rehabilitation and sports medicine too, because it can help ease the pain for a while, reducing the toxic substances in the body. 

As you might tell I am really impressed with this new technology in the beauty industry and it has multiple benefits, not just getting rid of that cellulite. You can definitely use the therapy all over your body including face, as each course of treatment is tailored to your specific needs by the therapist. You might want to book 2 sessions per week for the first 12 sessions, and then follow up with 6 maintenance sessions once a week to keep the results for longer.

*My personal photos are not photoshopped in this post.