My CoolSculpting experience – Pulse Light Clinic Review

February 18, 2020

The increasing interest in non-surgical cosmetic procedures prove that the relationship we have with our bodies are complicated and are subjective to different belief systems. Coolsculpting, and FDA-approved nonsurgical fat-freezing procedure, is one of the most popular treatments you come across social media. I had to try it when I got the opportunity to review it at Pulse Light Clinic in London, just because I was curious if it actually works.

Before the procedure
Before the procedure

Before I get into my experience with CoolSculpting, I must start at the beginning of my journey with body changing. Right before I got pregnant, I was slim, and never had any issues with fat. Still, during pregnancy, I gained more than 25 kg and because I had a c-section with post-op complications, I couldn’t train or sign up to the gym for a long time. My belly wouldn’t go back to my usual size, which made me feel so self-conscious when wearing a swimsuit, or any tight clothes to be honest. I didn’t feel great in my body and it wasn’t because of a certain image that social media is portraying of how women should look like. I just wanted to feel confident again and not worry about wearing a two piece swimsuit at the beach. Also, I wanted to ditch those terrible spanx.

About a year ago, I started some home sessions with a trainer which helped my body recover. But my tummy area still wouldn’t budge, no matter how many abs I was doing, or how many diets I was sticking to. In September I had a consultation at Pulse Light Clinic to go through my body goals and transformation plan. Also, the consultant needed to check if my fat was pinchable or subcutaneous, which means the fat freezing procedure is applicable. The nonsurgical fat reduction machine is an effective method of eliminating fat cells without the need for surgery and with no harm done to surrounding tissue and skin.

Even with a good diet and healthy exercise regime, some fat cells won’t decrease, therefore, I thought CoolSculpting is the perfect way for me to see some actual results. It deep-freezes your fat cells, which eventually causes them to die and be naturally expelled via your lymphatic system.

On the day of the procedure, my belly was divided in 4 regions. I sat comfortable on a bed browsing Netflix, while a vacuum-like applicator was suctioning targeted ares of fat, each region at a time for 30 minutes. The sensation when the applicator suctions on the skin is extremely cold at first, but your skin numbs and there is no pain, just a mild discomfort.

During the procedure

After the machine is removed, the therapist gave a massage of the frozen area of fat, which is the worst part. The pain is somewhat bearable, but it’s needed to keep the blood flowing. It’s also proven that the massage helps getting rid of more fat, so I had to suck it up and not cry like a baby. The same procedure had to be done for each area, so I spent around 3 hours at the clinic catching up on some documentaries and browsing my phone.

Cost wise, my treatment would have cost around £2400 as prices start from roughly £600 per applicator. Each area requires more or less applications, all determined during your consultation. I do have a discount code you can use ElenaSandorUpTo20 for treatments.

A month after my procedure

Coolsculpting is not a magic wand, although your fat will be reduced, it doesn’t mean it will disappear forever. It takes exercise and a healthy lifestyle to see the area you treated fat-free. I lost around 8 kg since I started training and did my fat-freeze procedure, but I still struggle every day to maintain healthy habits.

After procedure

After my procedure, my tummy swollen and I was in terrible pain, I am not gonna lie. I could barely walk, and I couldn’t function for a week. About 10% of patients may suffer from after-procedure pain, and I was one of the “lucky” ones. I got seen by a doctor at the clinic a few days after my treatment and she prescribed some nerve blockers just to calm my pain. I used CBD oils and unguents like Voltarol and Biofreeze, as well as some strong painkillers. Since it takes about 3 months to see results, I had to be patient and hope for the best. After a week from my procedure, the pain slowly subsided and in about a month my tummy fat visibly reduced and I regained all my senses in my numb belly.

Maintain a balanced lifestyle

Why does it take such a long time to see results? After the fat freezing procedure, the body naturally disposes of the unwanted dead fat cells. This takes time as your body is busy processing and breaking down the fat cells through a procedure called Apoptosis – through which enzymes break down the cells into smaller pieces to allow for your white blood cells to remove them from your body permanently and this is why your body needs the time to adjust and reline the fat cells and contour your shape.

Obviously, judging from the before and after photo, you should understand that Coolsculpting won’t get rid of all your fat, it’s really meant for fine-tuning. Fat can still grow, if there’s a small stubborn area you want tweaked, Coolsculpting is an option.

After 3 months since my procedure, I can gladly say I would go through with this treatment again, considering the pain. I went from size 10 to size 6 after 3 years of struggling with my fat and lack of confidence. I am so thankful to Pulse Light Clinic and the amazing consultants and doctors, so I can’t recommend this clinic enough! You can find more information about Coolsculpting here and don’t forget about my discount code for treatments ElenaSandorUpTo20.

3 months after the procedure

Treatment complimentary. All opinions are my own.