Clairol Nice’N Easy – Getting my confidence back

April 30, 2018

For me, hair has always been a hot topic to discuss. I’ve never been blessed with long thick hair, but I still had nice curly locks when I was younger. Teenage years kicked in and the era of straighteners and bleach begun, thus the end of my healthy hair. Years of damage put a dent in my confidence as a young woman, because I do believe our hair is an important part to our identities that can dictate how we envision ourselves. The culture of hair is big all over the world and if you read any magazine or follow celebrities, you will see new hairstyles, hair products emerging every day. Hair does shape our lives and I am living proof. After turning 30 and after so many years of bleach and heat tools damaging my hair, I have decided to give my hair a break, let it grow and treat it with organic masks. But this meant my grey roots, which has been a nuisance for 7 years now, will show my first signs of aging. Not that it is anything wrong with becoming a mature woman, I’ve earned my stripes, but I am not ready yet to embrace this style.

Here I am, trying to look after my hair, while having greys and a really busy life. No time to spend hours at the salon, especially since I am really particular and my favourite salons don’t come cheap. We are in the process of moving, therefore saving all the pennies towards our new home. Still, I am tired of wearing hats, hair pieces, accessories, just to hide those grey hairs. I must admit, this story has lowered my confidence. As a new mom, running my business from home doesn’t always mean I stay in my PJs all day. I have meetings, shootings, luncheons, after parties to attend, I meet new people all the time and I do feel that I am really blessed to work in this industry. But for meeting new people it means I have to act the part. First impression matters, as hard as we try to conceal it, so showing my best is my business card. Yes, my work matters the most and I give 100% to all the projects I am involved into, but how do people perceive me when they actually see me? For some, my grey hair won’t be an issue, but it is important for me to feel good about myself. Something as small as colouring my hair can really influence the big things in life. With little time to spare, I have decided to try Clairol Nice’N Easy Permanent hair colour at home, for the first time. I am really bad at everything hair related, so I was a bit nervous about the final results. After a successful 48h test patch, I cleared my afternoon and for 30 minutes I witnessed the miracle of transformation in the comfort of my own home, at a really good price. The instructions were so easy to follow and the results were fabulous, as you can see from my images. *Remember to always do a patch test 48 hours before colouring.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about why I’ve chosen Clairol Nice’N Easy. It has a breakthrough formula that teams damage blocking technology with a revolutionary hair dye molecule to create an allergy gentle formula that conditions in every step. Taking control of my colour would unlock my confidence for sure! The new technology enhances a more predictable, even colour root to tip, contributes to longer lasting colour results and it decreases the damage at the surface of the hair. The hair dye smells really nice and fresh floral, without having the unwanted ammonia smell. The no-drip, cream Color Care formula also features conditioners and antioxidants at every step of the colouring process, ensuring that hair maintains the soft, silky feel throughout the colouring process. 


First of all, you need an old towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes from any unwanted drips. I clipped mine with a hair clip as it kept slipping off, I’ve put my gloves on and was ready to proceed. I poured the Colour Blend Formula (labelled 1) into the Colour Blend Activator (labelled 2) and shook the applicator bottle well. Now, if you have coloured your hair in the past 3 months, part your hair into sections and apply colour starting at the roots, working from the front to the back of your head. Your hair needs to be dry and unwashed, this way the colour will be absorbed into your hair better. Focusing on new growth helps protect your ends from excessive damage. Relax for 20 minutes (30 minutes for stubborn greys). This step went by really quick and easy! After playing with my daughter, I was ready to finish the colouring process.

I have applied the rest of the mixture to the rest of the hair working from roots to tips to ensure full saturation. I have waited for 5 minutes while checking my emails. If you have never coloured your hair, apply the dye all over your hair from roots to tips and give it a good massage.

When time is up, rinse and shampoo. Make sure all the excess colour mixture is gone, then apply a quarter-size amount of CC+ ColourSeal Conditioning Gloss (labelled 3) to lock in shine. Leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse well. You can use the remaining conditioning once a week after shampooing. I am still surprised with how easy the entire process has been from beginning to end. I am not sure what I feared in the past, but with Clairol Nice’N Easy I can definitely colour my hair fearlessly at home. My hair looks shiny, healthy, and those stubborn greys are concealed nicely. I have used 5G medium golden brown to keep some of my highlights alive but still blending my natural dark hair colour. To be able to bring a beautiful hair colour shade with more conditioning, less smell, and less risk of allergy, I can definitely say I am more confident in looking after my hair regularly at home. With a total of 53 shades in the UK, you can achieve gorgeous hair colour and 100% grey coverage that leaves hair looking and feeling healthy. Talking about restoring your confidence back and doing what you love the most without setbacks!  * This post has been sponsored by Clairol. All opinions are my own.



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