Needle shaping skin lift procedure by Dr John Tsagaris

December 1, 2021

Since turning 30s I felt more aware of how time changes my complexion and how the wrinkles and fine lines are getting more and more visible. As we age, our body produces less collagen and that naturally healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin becomes a difficult goal to achieve without injectables. Or so I thought, before I met Dr John Tsagaris, an internationally renowned practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine. With over 25 years of experience in dermatology, anti-ageing clinical applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine, dr Tsagaris is a pioneer expert and educator in cosmetic acupuncture, celebrity acupuncturist and lecturer.

As an internationally acknowledged expert for his bespoke holistic, beauty, and wellbeing treatments, John regularly exercises as a guest practitioner to some of the world’s most prestigious medical spas and private clinics worldwide.

The treatment I have tried in his cabinet in Harrods, was his signature cosmetic acupuncture, an innovative aesthetic approach to skin lifting, called needle shaping. This is an innovative strategy for improving skin tone and volume with zero side effects. This procedure uses tiny acupuncture needles in the skin in areas that need more volume or areas prone to fine lines and wrinkles. The technique aims to re-organise collagen fibres in these areas, resulting in firmer and lifted skin. The results can be observed after the first treatment, however as the methods stimulate more collagen, the benefits are building up with time, encouraged by follow up sessions. 

Without injecting any foreign substances into your skin, without risks and side effects, the treatment targets:

  • Forehead lines
  • Dropped eyebrows.
  • Hollow temples 
  • Cheekbones
  • The area around the eyes
  • Depressed scars
  • Jowls
  • Neck
  • Lips

Needle Shaping uses a variable size of acupuncture needles into selected skin areas, stimulated with a painless mixed current. The method shifts the water in the skin away from the needle tip, which temporarily dehydrates the treated tissues. In addition, the technique allows each needle to pick up collagen and elastin fibres to form natural ‘threads’ that lift and re-organise the structure of the skin, adding volume and firmness. Once the ‘thread’ is formed from the skin’s own collagen, traction is then applied to the acupuncture needle, resulting in a revitalised and tighter skin.

The entire procedure is done in a safe environment, with a little pain from the thin needles pricking the skin, before a biomedical assessment and initial skin consultation. During the treatment, the skin is prepped and the needles are applied in areas of concern. With the use of mixed current specialised device, the needles get activated for biostimulation.

After the needles were removed, dr Tsagaris applied a calming hydrating facial sheet mask to soothe my skin and he used an active device to help the mask absorb better into my skin. I was also offered a cupping procedure, perfect for plumping my complexion and my lips. That device is totally on my shopping list! After the treatment, I was applied a cooling moisturiser.

After the Needle shaping procedure

 The rejuvenating results build up over a month post-treatment, but I’ve seen my skin glowing immediately after the procedure. By repeating this process several times, new and regenerated skin is encouraged with noticeable improvement.

According to the patient’s individual needs, a minimum of four to six treatments is needed to get the best result in most areas. The frequency and number of treatments are tailored according to the patient requirements. A maintenance course is highly recommended for ultimate results.

After the needle shaping procedure

My skin become brighter, tighter, and of visibly younger appearance. People around me have complimented me for my skin, which is why I am absolutely impressed by dr Tsagaris knowledge and expertise. You can find more information about his treatments and how to get in touch, here.