Previse – Plant based skincare routine

February 20, 2018

Ever since I’ve turned the big 3.0. I dedicated more time and research into my skincare routine. Blessed with a semi-normal skin, I still had issues such as dehydration, dull appearance, fine lines, pigmentation, and the occasional spots here and there. Honestly, I’ve been using a lot of products for the past few years, trying different brands in my line of work as a lifestyle blogger. Recently, plant based, natural, organic, vegan skincare products have emerged the market taking it by storm, probably because science proved a healthy lifestyle should be extended to our skincare too, not only to our diet.I must admit, with so many launches every week, I barely keep up, so after receiving the Previse skincare line I had to give it a go for a few months before making a proper review. Who is Previse, you ask? Only one of the most amazing brands out there. After a lot of research, the brand has launched a plant-based range of 7 products destined to keep skin healthy, resilient and glowing. The health of your skin impacts your overall health and wellbeing, but also there is no point to choosing between healthy skin and a healthy planet. We see so many dangerous ingredients used in almost everything we put on our faces, so why condemning our lives to a bad outcome?

Previse is crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients, without elements that either show a tendency to be a carcinogen or the science is inconclusive. The apothecary products are hand-crafted, small-batch products to deliver the freshest products. Previse is so gentle on your skin, nurturing and protecting it from the day-to-day environment. If you have sensitive or allergy prone skin, or looking for natural, fragrance free skincare, Previse is for you too.

Launched in Harvey Nichols at the beginning of December 2017, Previse Zero Fragrance regimen delivers effective creams, moisturisers and cleansers without the fear of chemicals, artificial fragrance and essential oils. One of the products that never leave my bedside table is the Previse SOS Skinrescue Healing Salve, since it’s such an amazing cream that soothes and heals my chapped lips and dry hands, but it can also be used on any surface of your skin in  need of healing. SOS is a non-petroleum salve infused with vitamin E and German chamomile that is safe to use during breastfeeding too. I wish I’d knew about this brand when I was pregnant, maybe the MommyBalm cream would’ve helped with my stretch marks. Powered up by the peptide/botanical complex Regestril, plus botanical antioxidants and emollients, this cream is amazing for moms to be. I’ll still use it as a tummy lotion, since I need all the help I can get in that area. The Previse Body Mist Vitamin E Oil is such an amazing addition to my body care routine, because I don’t like at all greasy lotions on my body. This one has a light-weight finish, it is non-greasy and leaves my skin glowing. You can spray it after bathing to help retain moisture. The oil contains eco-certified sunflower and botanical oil extracts for long-lasting comfort. The brand has dedicated a lot of research into sensitive skin and it has developed the Previse Ozone Defence Nutrify Serum which is the ultimate oil-free, vitamin-rich serum that nourishes skin and protects from air pollution. We live in a world of damaging radicals so this serum has packed all the right essentials to protect your skin. Among an impressive list of ingredients, the serum contains sodium hyaluronate which helps your skin to retain moisture, plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin B5 moisturizes, sooths and heals your skin and helps stabilize the skin barrier function. Vitamin B3 encourages the production of ceramides, which act as the glue that binds together protective cells in the epidermis. Loss of skin ceramides can leave skin dry and itchy. Vitamin C aids in collagen production and neutralizes free radicals in the skin. I have just named a few of the ingredients in this wonderful serum, but the list continues with green tea (antioxidant, antibacterial, reduces inflammation), artichoke leaf extract (rich in cynaropicrin which helps interrupt photo-ageing). 

The products have ergonomic packaging, hygienic and cleverly designed to prevent oxygen from entering the formulas and preventing waste. One other product I really love from Previse is the Hydrofoam Hyaluronic Moisturiser that hydrates and protects your skin with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamin B and powerful marine and botanical antioxidants. The micro-bubble technology helps plump, smooth and protect the delicate skin, even the extra sensitive areas around the eyes. So it’s like having a 2 in 1 cream which becomes a dream when travelling.

I could talk on and on about this brand and it’s amazing products, but you can order them from Harvey Nichols and you can also book a 45 minutes facial for only £35 with the lovely Sarah Cordier at the Beauty Room in Harvey Nichols. She will be doing a cleanse with the Previse Marin Algae Extract cleanser and scrub, followed by a much needed steam. A mask mixture between SOS and Matcha tea for a skin detox, and a glorious finish with the hyaluronic moisturiser. I’ve vlogged all about it, so I’ll pop the link at the end of the week for you to learn more.