Restaurant reviews

Birthday celebration with L’ETO Caffe

March 4, 2018

I remember passing by L’ETO Caffe a few years ago on Wardour Street and  being completely mesmerized by their window display with the most beautiful cakes ever. I’ve been a fan ever since and honestly, their traditional tiramisu is the best I’ve had in London. After living in Italy for a while and making the original tiramisu recipe so many times at home, I know how to compare, and L’ETO definitely knows how to bake traditional cakes and make desserts to perfection.  Right around my birthday last week, I had brunch with my husband at L’ETO Caffe in Brompton Road and the food was divine. I mean, you can have breakfast all day and not just the traditional breakfast, but an array to choose from: Italian, Californian, Arabic, to name just a few. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more extended breakfast menu in a restaurant before. Everything is delicious and I wish they opened everywhere. When you enter the caffe you’re welcomed by the salads bar which looks healthy and so good, you’ll have a hard time deciding on what to have for lunch. I chose a few roasted peppers with feta cheese, aubergine yogurt and roasted fennel and kale. I can honestly say I could eat that my entire life without ever needing any meat. If vegetarian food can be that good, please sign me up! Thankfully, the caffe has something to offer to all tastes, so I went for sea bass tortellini with shrimp butter sauce which was melting in my mouth like a sweet dream. Definitely one of my favourite places in London now, not just because of their desserts.

Talking about desserts, I can’t rave L’ETO enough. I remember one time I ordered 4 cakes just because I couldn’t decide, so this time was no different. They didn’t have the tiramisu I loved, but I did have raspberry meringue cake which was simply a symphony of sweetness in my mouth. The layers of the cake were soft and the cream was spot on. I just wish I start with dessert the next time so I can finish the entire plate! My husband had a pistachio cake and it was light and moist, not too sweet, just a perfect balance.  Did you know L’ETO Caffe makes cakes to order, and now they’ve introduced a service where you can print any photo that can decorate your cake and it’s edible too? To celebrate my birthday, I’ve ordered a honey cake, which is one of my favourite cakes from L’ETO and it arrived nice decorated with one of my holiday photos on top. A reminder of how much I love to travel and how I wish this year will be filled with opportunities to see more of this world.

With 5 new locations in London that are blossoming, L’ETO is all about the blend between nutritious and healthy dining complemented by a variety of enticing desserts that few can resist to. This Mediterranean influenced caffe pleases aesthetically and mouth-watering through sophisticated yet simple dishes, so why not book your table now?