Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio – On how to have a summer body

July 11, 2017

If you haven’t figured it out until now, I am a Nu Skin addict. I’ve tried so many of their cosmetics and makeup, I am definitely converted to one of the best beauty brands in the world. It’s not marketing, it’s science and when Nu Skin products do wonders for your skin, you gotta share the results with everyone. This time I had to try the new ageLOC Galvanic Body trio, which is a spa unit and two advanced anti-ageing body products, ageLOC Body Shaping Gel and ageLOC® Dermatic Effects, for a more contoured, smoother and firmer looking body.

After giving birth 10 months ago, I still struggle with loose skin, cellulite, a bit of fat here and there and trust me, I barely find time to do my job as a lifestyle editor for this website and keep the baby alive, the house clean, and the husband fed, so hitting the gym is a dream for now. I need all the help I can get coming in the form of a magic tool such as the Galvanic Body Spa

The product delivers key ingredients to the skin, as it’s proved treatments with a galvanic current can enhance the delivery of anti-ageing ingredients for up to 24 hours. The pulsating current aids in stimulating the skin, helps purify and refresh skin and helps reduce the visible signs of ageing. The trio comes with a body shaping gel and a Dermatic Effects cream.

The ageLOC body shaping gel helps minimise and smooth the appearance of fat and cellulite for a more contoured appearance and it improves the appearance of skin’s firmness for a more youthful look. The ageLOC Dermatic Effects targets the ultimate sources of ageing to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing. It has an optical technology that diffuses light instantly to help skin look smoother, as well as hydrates the skin. 

I’ve been using the galvanic body spa for a month now and I can’t believe how much it improved my skin! I still need to work on my diet and do a bit of a home based fitness routine, but with the right tools, I can finally have hopes for a bikini body at the beach. How to use the products? For optimal results, use the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa with ageLOC Body Shaping Gel once a day, three days a week on thighs, arms, buttocks and/or abdomen. For best results, follow with ageLOC Dermatic Effects, to be applied daily morning and night on targeted area. This lotion shouldn’t be used with galvanic currents, it’s simply an extra care for your skin to look at its best.

First, you need to press the on/off button once to turn on the instrument. After pressing the soft button, the ageLOC®rings appear in the middle of the display and the treatment time of 5 minutes and clock appears below the ageLOC®rings. Thoroughly moisten your fingers and palm with water or NaPCA Moisture Mist. In order for a treatment to begin, gently touch the conductor’s surface against the treatment area for the current level to self-adjust.The instrument will beep one, two or three times, indicating that it has self-adjusted to your skin.

No wonder Nu Skin is a leader in the beauty industry. Launching products like the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa are only meant to improve your lifestyle, your looks, and overall appearance. With some routine and exercise, taking care of your body will become second nature.