IrresistibleMe – how I curl my hair

March 26, 2016

My hair has always been mid length, more like a bob to be honest, due to really thin locks. Envying everyone around me didn’t do any good, so I ended up learning a few tricks from the hairstylists that did my hair over the years. Beside using great thickening treatments and hairsprays, nothing works better than adding volume to your hair. I’ve achieved that by using so many different tools, and got my fingers burnt so many times, or ended up with messy curls. Until I met IrresistibleMe, Ruby Auto Rotating Curler. Definitely a life changer, because it does all the work for you in no time, especially when you don’t have too much hair to deal with. The rotating barrel with auto recovery function gives you perfect curls every time, and being made out of ceramic, fused with tourmaline, it will create silky, smooth curls. I like that fact the barrel is not too thick, especially for my type and length of the hair. IrresistableMe curl

You start by choosing the temperature you want, and it heats really fast, up to 210C. I like using it at 180C, I  believe this temperature is the right one for my thin hair. The LED screen shows you the temperature you’re at, while remaining constant until you finish curling your hair. The rotating part might be tricky at the beginning, but once you learn the technique it works for you, you will finish in no time. Because my hair is short, I like starting from the bottom and rotate the hair up, away from my face. I leave it for a few seconds and then with the red button, I release the curl. The diamond coating of the barrel enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike my ceramic wand. Because the tourmaline gemstone is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat, it will eliminate any frizz, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.DSC_3662The Ruby curling iron is pretty long but sturdy and light, and after curling my hair, I didn’t get any sore hands whatsoever. Also, the wand is featured with a 360 cord, so no tangled wire anywhere, which is always a plus. I like my hair wavy, and you can definitely achieve this look if it’s what you’re after, with Ruby. I use  a few styling products right after washing my hair, blow dry it and then curl. The entire process used to to take me a lot, but now, after using IrresistibleMe, I can’t say no to curls. You can learn more about the technique from their product review page. They are having a sale at the moment for £62, which is a fair price for the quality you get. All in all, I am really satisfied with this curler, and can’t wait to learn more styles! DSC_3654

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    Jessi Malay

    April 23, 2016

    Looks like a fabulous product!

    XO, Jessi

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    Dakota D.

    April 23, 2016

    I’ve always wanted one of these! Maybe Ill get one.

    Dakota D.

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    December 28, 2016

    Such a perfect look!

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    May 22, 2019

    The best I’ve used is my Karmin curler.