Bloggers Hangout & a date with amazing brands #BLFW – Part I

March 26, 2016

This week I have been invited to an amazing event organized by The Bloggers Hangout, where I had the chance to meet with different lifestyle brands, some already established, some new on the market, but all absolutely lovely. Couldn’t wait to come home and start writing about them. I’ve been using some of the products received at the event and I was blown away. I still need to give them more time, but all in all, I wanted to share with you my experience.


Let’s start with my favourite subject: [button url=”#” new_tab=”false” size=”medium” style=”solid” color=”false” light=”false”]Skincare[/button].

The first product that really impressed me, comes from Ioma, a pioneering beauty brand dedicated to the science of skincare. With a collection of performance-based products, the brand’s high concentrations of premium active ingredients, without parabens, colourants or fragrances, use advanced technology to promote healthier, more radiant and smooth skin. I got a specialized diagnostic right on my skin, measuring the level of hydration, oil, fine lines, and firmness. I thought my skin was dehydrated, but because I’ve been using lots of beneficial treatments, amazing serums and masks, I balanced this issue over the years. The problem I have now is with oily skin in my T-zone. The diagnostic confirmed I use too many harsh and abrasive masks and acids, and I need to tone it down. But the general diagnostic was I have a good skin for my age, and it took just a few minutes and a futuristic probe to create my profile. On this basis, Ioma will develop an individual treatment just for your skin issues, which is fantastic. Nothing that works for me, will work for you and vice-versa. I believe beauty science has come to an understanding of individuality and I see more and more brands who apply this knowledge alongside marketing. Ioma just launched a radiance creator serum, called Vitality Shot. The energy booster contains Vitamins C, E and B3 which will wipe any signs of fatigue, and will capture and reflect the light. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and protecting your skin against UV and pollution, I see myself using this serum daily.

Another favourite found at the event was Monu Skin. I have actually came across the brand a few years ago, and did a review on one of their eye creams I really loved. Now the brand has released so many products, I could barely keep up. The brand is natural and tries to use only the purest ingredients, and creates unique, gentle and professional beauty products. Monu Skin has a fair range of skincare dedicated to all types of skin. One of their best sellers is the Brightening Boost Serum. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and it already revitalized my complexion, and added a touch of luminosity and radiance. Specially created to help smooth surface imperfections and plump the skin to result in a fresh and more youthful appearance. Already in my early 30s, I need a product to combat signs of premature ageing morning and night. This serum delivers a boost of highly active ingredients that will alter the skin and achieve the results in one simple step.SBHThe girls at SBC Skincare were really nice, and enthusiasts about the brand, which made me want to try them as soon as I got home. Simply Beautiful Collection (SBC) is a British beauty brand, founded in 1988, with many years of botanical know-how. SBC is fuss-free, practical, effective, affordable pampering, which includes prescriptive gels, moisturisers, serums, polishes, cleansers, bath & body essentials to create a dynamic range that delivers pure, natural vitality to the skin. SBC collections prove effective in treating disorders such as blemishes, flushing and sensitivity to everyday aches, pains and tension, whilst remaining effective as an excellent supplement for maintaining the perfect youthful appearance for all the family. I was really impressed with the Propolis gel, with its calming properties. Rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins, it was a blessing for my chapped skin. The Vitamin ACE cream was also one of my favourite, moisturising instantly my skin, adding a dash of fresh, and healthier complexion, so I really recommend this affordable and reliable brand.DSC_4473

Amie Skincare, made in the UK, is a natural skincare and beauty range for sensitive skin, bursting with natural plant and botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals. Really affordable, the Amie products are gentle yet super-effective. Ideal for sensitive skin that can be oily and prone to breakouts or dryness, they have been especially designed to work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant. Amie’s high-quality products are completely free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, animal extracts and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I have tried the Morning Clear wash and I was really impressed with its gentleness. The soap-free cleansing wash removes all your make-up, and it will also moisturize your complexion, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. You have to check the range, it is skin-friendly and under £5!

I was so happy when I found a brand dedicated to sensitive skin, which babies can use as well. As a newbie in this area, I am doing my research on the best natural creams to buy for my soon to be born baby. Pure Potions was founded by a mother seeking a cream that would suit her daughter’s severely dry and itchy skin. Using combinations of herbs and oils such as hemp, calendula, nettle and olive actually helped her daughter, and soon the business took off. The brand addresses dry skin, baby skincare, scar oils and first aid. Their best seller, Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment is an intensive natural moisturiser formulated to maintain supple, hydrated skin as part of a daily skincare regime. Rich and deeply moisturising, forms a semi-occlusive barrier which protects the skin from everyday external irritants. It’s gentle formulation means that it is also suitable for use by people with dry, itchy skin or those prone to eczema.DSC_4486

The last brands I tried in the skincare category, have a special place in my beauty regime. Weleda Skin Food is always in my bag, especially during cold months. If there’s just one thing you need to take with you to a desert island, it’s this little green magic tube. Skin Food is a universal saviour of dry, rough skin on faces, elbows, hands and feet – wherever you take a lot out of your skin, let Skin Food put it back in. With extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax, Skin Food loves your skin back to its best. Jurlique has been a permanent addition in my cosmetics bag. I use the Rosewater Balancing Mist after I apply my makeup for extra hydration, or as a cooler during the summer, after I leave it in the fridge. You can also fresh and tone at any time, and has a clean, subtle scent that’s not overpowering. I find it to be great at hydrating and relaxing your skin if it’s irritated.

Kenneth Turner was founded in Mayfair, 45 years ago, and it had the love of flowers at its core. The home fragrance company is favoured among the Royal family, and a glittering array of celebrities including Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Sting, Cher, to name but a few. The hand cream I tried, Midsummer Night, is a heady fusion of honeysuckle, jasmine and tuberose with notes of moss and oak. Inspired by the scent of cascading flowers created for a magical evening in an English country garden. I have it on my nightstand since I’ve received it, and it is simply beautiful, hydrating, and softening.

I will be writing the second part of this article next week, with news from the hair department and body care. Stay tuned!

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    Jessi Malay

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