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Sunday brunch with Eileen Cuisine and Disturbingly Delicious

September 6, 2013

Diana Duca from Disturbingly Delicious has invited me for lunch. I know, a virtual one, but still, the most important of the week: Sunday Lunch on her blog. Among talented foodies she always hosts, you can find amazing recipes Diana makes that will fulfill all your tastes: culinary and artistic. You can find the article she wrote and the piece I sent (in Romanian) here.

Sunday used to be the most expected day of the week in our family. That was the time when we would stop from our individual course of life and, after returning from church, we would gather around a “sarmale” pot or stew, depending on the budget. I used to be awaken in the morning by an amazing smell, thanks to my mom who would start cooking the night before. I would sneak out to have a taste. The reason why, I believe, as a grown-up, I appreciate starting my day with a rich lunch rather than having a light breakfast. Plus, waking up in the morning is something I’m not good at.

Living in London for 3 years now, I have developed some what of a habit in having Sunday brunch with my family. If possible outside on my small terrace. I love to mix ingredients, taste different types of food and to put smiles of delight o my dear ones faces. Nothing compares with one or two hours in the company of my family, leaving aside all the cares in the world and enjoying the present.

I wish to hold on to this habit forever and pass it forward. There is nothing more important than a healthy family, the result of communication, which often starts around the table.

These are some of the recipes I recommend for a Sunday brunch:

Start with bagels with ham, cheese and spring onions. Delicious and flavorful, they will wake you up in a heart beat.

You can’t have brunch without seafood, therefore make a shrimps, celery and red pepper salad. Fresh and delicious!

Go on with an irresistible appetizer that will fulfill even the most fussy of them all and is really easy to make: puff pastry with cherry and cheese cream.

What is a lunch with no dessert? You need to celebrate the place where you are living, therefore, let’s try Victoria sponge with coffee and wallnuts, a traditional cake in England.

Finish the brunch with a French delicate dessert that will always remind me of the cuisine I love: crepes with blueberry sauce and custard. An update to a Laduree recipe.

Music eases your heart mood, this is why, I recommend listening to  I can’t stand the rain (Roo Savill) while you enjoy this brunch. Bon appetite!