New Year resolutions with Whole Earth Sweeteners

January 28, 2018

The New Year came way too early for my lifestyle to digest it. 2018 came with a bucket list, resolutions and hope. Just like almost all years ever since I can remember. I become wiser more and more, or so does my grey hair try to tell me. No longer a clueless child, but a well informed adult, a woman who has experienced everything in her youth, I can declare I am ready to change bad habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. No more fried food, no more carbs, fizzy drinks, and no more sugar. I am writing the last bit with a shaky hand, because I have to let go of what’s more dear to me. I wasn’t always fond of desserts, but I can’t have my coffee or tea without a teaspoon of sugar. Prepared to take on this mission of letting sugar go for 21 days, the time needed to break a habit, I thought I can do it. In the middle of my struggle, I allied with Whole Earth Sweetener and I’ve already succeeded my resolution. 

Derived from nature, half a teaspoon of Whole Earth Sweetener is the equivalent to one teaspoon of regular sugar. The taste is similar, but this alternative has no calories and no bad effects of the normal sugar. Being able to let go of sugar from my system, I manage to get a better sleep, I feel more active and alive, and I definitely see life with a more positive vibe. My #sweetresolution is not just mine, it captivated many around the globe, and I can see testimonies of hundreds saying how living without sugar is a step towards a desired lifestyle. I know it is hard to resist to a meal without desserts, or to adjust to a bitter coffee, but with Whole Earth Sweetener you won’t trade the taste you crave. Moreover, getting to win a trusted partner in  your quest for a better life, and a delicious one nonetheless, will allow you to tell a beautiful story and take control over your health.

You can find Whole Earth Sweeteners in Sainsbury’s, Coop, Waitrose and Tesco. There is an entire range of healthy choices, such as Honey& Stevia Blend, Sweet Mini Cubes, Raw Cane Sugar & Stevia blend, and reduced calorie Sweet Granules.

Sponsored by Whole Earth. All opinions are my own.