Why System Professional is the holy grail of thin hair

May 27, 2016

At the beginning of the month, I wrote my first review on the System Professional treatment I received at one of their salons in London. I promised I will come back with a whole month of resourceful insights. after trying the prescribed products t home, I am absolutely AMAZED! Yes, I got all the treatments for free, like every other blogger out there who receives tonnes of hair and beauty products, and then they have to write about them. As you’ve checked my beauty section, I have a lot of reviews on different brands I really liked, but System Professional can not even fit in the same category. I should start a new column called “hero products” or “can’t live without”. You’ve read my first opinion about the brand, and I was blown away at my first try, but after almost a month of using their products every two to three days per week, I can honestly say I won’t be using anything else. Sure, I will try other hair treatments because this is my job, but I will always come back to System Professional. System Professional liquid hairNow, let’s start with the holy grail of thin, damaged and brittle hair. The System Professional Liquid Hair is a dream come true. It actually adds weight to your hair, it repairs damaged hair and offers vitality, plumpness and strong locks. It’s not advertising, it’s the reality and oh boy, I’ve been looking for this little treasure my entire life! Liquid Hair has been developed for sensitised and fragile hair with its ability to reconstruct the hair fibre and reinforcing hair, with selected amino acids, the building blocks of hair’s keratin. The application method is going to take extra 5  minutes of your time, but it’s worth it. After you shampoo and condition, towel dry the hair. Divide hair into 4 – 5 sections, apply 1 pipette of Liquid Hair on each section and distribute evenly from root to tip. Comb through and dry the hair with the hair dryer for 5 minutes to bond the ingredients to the hair. The thermo-activated formula refills the hair from the inside out and provides high performance through expert application. This treatment reinforces hair for up to 5 washes, so I would normally use it once per week. I can’t rave this product enough! My hair feels thicker and more voluminous, it is definitely a miracle!DSC_6127Looking into day to day hair care, I am using the Hydrate range from System Professional. I have been using lots of other brands destined to hydrate your hair, but they will flatten my already volume free hair, making it look even limper and lifeless. The Hydrate Shampoo from System Professional  is different because it is lightweight but still moisturises your dry hair in-depth,  giving long-lasting moisturization and luscious feel. I continue with the Hydrate Conditioner for a daily moisture to my dry hair. I would normally skip this step with other brands because I already have really soft hair and I want texture, but this one has a lightweight formula without overweighing my hair.

When it comes to styling, I am using the System Professional Volumize Bodyfying Foam  for long lasting hold and volume. It also comes with additional heat protection essentials for my fine hair. Its alcohol-free, non-sticking formula prevents tearing during the styling process. I apply 2-4 pumps of foam with a brush into the hair, comb through and blow-dry. They say not to shake the bottle, which I sometimes forget. It must have something to do with not breaking the formula, but I am not a scientist, so I must be wrong. repair perfect endsOne last product I use and it has proven to be so effective is the Repair Perfect Ends. It instantly repairs brittle ends and has an anti-frizz effect. This product is destined for hair that is damaged, with split ends and flyaway hairs. The sealing balm provides brilliant shine and suppleness to fragile parts of the hair and it also provides active protection against heat and external factors. I am usually applying it on damp hair before blow-dry.

There you have it, my review on using System Professional for a month, and I am impressed with the line! You can be tested in one of their salons all over the globe. Every hair is unique, this is why each of the exclusive treatments begins with an individualised EnergyCode mapping, performed by a System Professional hair care consultant. The diagnosis is tailored according to your specific hair and scalp needs. After that, you will receive hair care products to create a highly personalised treatment regimen. Such a joy to have discovered System Professional, finally my hair has a life!