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The gift of anti-aging with Nu Skin 180 therapy system

August 15, 2016

We’re ageing. This is the cold true and it’s never too early to start treating the signs of skin ageing. Your 20s come with excellent skin (more or less) plump, smooth, firm and even toned. With age, you slowly lose all of these. All the radicals in the atmosphere, our life behaviours, genetics and so on can diminish all the qualities of a great skin, leaving you with wrinkles, lines, enlarged pores, and a dull complexion. I’ve been so self-conscious about my complexion over the past few years, especially after turning 28. I didn’t want to spend a fortune though on overly mature skincare, because it was not the case, but a simple moisturiser didn’t help either. So what to do in these conditions? nu skin 180 anti-aging therapy system

Why not try out Nu Skin 180 Anti-aging Therapy System, one of the best skincare brands who proved amazing performance in reducing wrinkles, improving elasticity, and a refined texture for a younger looking skin. Gentle enough to be used every day, but powerful enough to provide visible results in a short amount of time. What do you get in the package? A face wash as the first step in cleansing your skin. It contains a concentrated level of vitamin C, known for fighting multiple signs of ageing. In addition to targeting age spots and discoloration, the creamy formula helps support collagen production to diminish lines. nu skin 180 anti-aging therapy system

The second step is applying a Skin Mist, to protect your skin from loss of firmness while calming any irritation. Containing peptides to stimulate the production of dermal proteins, Mist Skin calm the skin after exposure to harsh environmental aggressors. In the morning, after washing your face with Nu Skin Face Wash, lightly spray Skin Mist on face and neck, avoiding the eye area. nu skin 180 anti-aging therapy system

Reversing the years is something we all dream at, and with Nu Skin Cell Renewal Fluid you’re closer to a better skin. With 15% PHA the fluid accelerates cell renewal, providing antioxidant protection and enhancing skin hydration to diminish lines and wrinkles. After applying this fluid, you can top it with the UV Block Hydrator SPF 18, perfect for blocking a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB rays, preventing premature ageing.  It also repairs skin from past sun exposure!

At night, you can go through the same steps, replacing the UV Block Hydrator with the Night Complex, which contains creatine to promote recovery from damage caused by exposure to environmental stressors. Sleep does miracles and with the right formula, you’ll see results in no time. This rich nighttime moisturiser promotes DNA repair, protects against free radical damage, and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. nu skin 180 anti-aging therapy system

There you have it, the perfect anti-ageing system, all in one package. Your skin is telling you when it’s the right time to make a change. If you want to look younger, with Nu Skin 180 System you will be one step closer to an amazing complexion. No wonder so many women in the world are choosing Nu Skin as their trusted confidant and secret behind a  glowing skin!nu skin 180 anti-aging therapy system