Perfect summer complexion with BareMinerals

June 23, 2016

You’ve all known by know I am a huge fan of BareMinerals. The concept and philosophy behind the brand resonate deeply with my vision regarding beauty. Their motto “Be original. Be natural. Be good” is what everyone should repeat as a tantrum every day. The San Francisco-based company creates products by connecting with women in ways that no other brand would dare. For over 35 years, they have built a community of strong, passionate women who have become customers – but more importantly – lifelong friends. With innovative products that are powered by nourishing, skin-loving minerals, BareMinerals makes a positive different in women’s lives, and I am here to tell you more about why I love this brand.

I have discovered the brand two years ago, even though this name was always mentioned in tutorials and among friends, but I have never tried anything from BareMinerals until then. My first product was the Blemish Remedy Foundation, and while I was a bit sceptical in terms of a powdered foundation, it became my holy grail and I understood the hype behind it. A trip to the Covent Garden shop, and I was hooked into trying more makeup products, as well as dwelling into their skincare for the first time. Needless to say, I am on my third Mineralixirs Eye Balm now. Bareminerals skinlongevityThis summer, BareMinerals has launched an amazing new skincare range, which I’ve been trying for the past month daily, and got me really excited about including this cosmetic brand into my daily routine. After years of extensive research, Bareminerals learnt that our skin naturally loses minerals as we age. This is why they improved the Skinsorials line to nourish with replenishing minerals that deliver effective results to give your skin the healthy looking glow of youth. One of the key products they launched this month is Skinlongevity serum based on Okinawa – nutrient-rich long life herb with California poppy and Lempuyang ginger extracts to create a serum destined to protect your skin against visible signs of ageing and damage, and promoting radiant youthful appearance.

The story behind Okinawa – known as the island of long life, hosts the oldest living female population in the world today, in Japan. This is where Bareminerals has discovered a herb that local residents boast as an essential part of their enduring wellness. Loaded with nutrients, the herb has an even higher mineral and vitamin content than the superfoods spinach and kale. I’ve been using the serum for almost two months, day and night, and my skin, which I need to remind you, is hormonal driven due to my pregnancy, looks amazing! The serum replenishes my complexion and renews the youthful look I desperately need, as well as fortifies my skin’s resilience.

Alongside the serum, I’ve been using the new Bareminerals Moisture range. During the cold months of Spring (i know, London doesn’t really do sun), my complexion needed extra care, and the Bareminerals skin-drenching moisturisers replenished moisture reserves, diminishing rough texture, dryness and visible signs of ageing. Butter Drench is a luxurious moisturiser helping to renew overall resilience and radiance, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For summer, I’ve switched my routine with Smart Combination, a smoothing lightweight emulsion, oil-free and perfect for balancing the skin.baremineralsMoving to Bucharest for a few months means I need to endure a proper hot summer with brio, so using mineral makeup means I am finally thinking like a pro! I am beyond excited to be using the Original powder foundation for a quick and effective makeup session, because it feels lightweight on my skin, it takes literally a few seconds to apply it, and it stays all day, especially in the sun! Most of all, you don’t look like you’re wearing any foundation at all, but your complexion looks flawless. I apply underneath their newest concealer: Complete Coverage Serum Concealer, which provides an excellent coverage for a beautifully even-toned complexion. It features high-definition mineral optics to counteract shadows and give skin a brightened, lustrous finish and hydrating humectants to help nourish the under-eye area.
Another product I have discovered in their makeup range, is the Ready Blush in shade Natural High, which is pretty similar to Nars-Orgasm, just more toned-down in terms of shimmering. I’ve been using it like a fanatic for the past month, even though my makeup kit includes more than 10 different blushes. It confers a natural, glowing and healthy light to your makeup and it stays all day. bareminerals light duo

One addition to my summer heroes is the Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo from Bareminerals, which will launch on the 7th of July. This dimensional duo of silky, translucent powders diffuses the look of pores and imperfections, and features unique backed technology, creating a creamy, cushioned formula with a luxurious feel. I couldn’t wait to try it, because it all sounded too good to be true. I’ve been having problems with all the powders, and I literally used almost all the raved ones, such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Make-up For Ever, etc, and all looked cakey. This one from Bareminerals is absolutely amazing! The matte pot absorbs oil and is the perfect setting powder while Glow, infused with rose gold pearls, adds sheer luminosity for highlighting and strobing. It is great on all skin tones, and features that sought-after effect of blurring for a soft-focus finish. Who needs Photoshop when you have Bareminerals?

Let’s not forget about the Moxie Lipstick for the final touch. Lips look fuller and more voluptuous, and I honestly have it in my makeup kit wherever I go. Enriched with so many vitamins and minerals, creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented colour glides on like butter for full coverage in a rich satin finish. I have a feeling my summer would be melt-free and glow-envy, finally! Bareminerals lipstick

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    June 24, 2016

    I love the new skinsorials range and rated them here I love bareMinerals and the moxie was the first thing that attracted me nearly 4 years ago! X