Nu Skin Cosmetics – tips for a natural makeup

October 24, 2017

I have been a fan of Nu Skin products for more than a year. The premier anti-aging company provides quality skin care and nutrition products, which I’ve covered on this blog a while ago. I am not distributing them, I am just a consumer, and a happy one I should add. Today I want to talk about the Nu Skin cosmetics range, I have been using for the past 6 months. Blended with the best of skin care science, this complete colour line enhances and illuminates your natural beauty – bringing the best of Nu Skin to colour. The brand has an array of products meant to enhance your natural beauty, so don’t expect any heavy formulas that would cover up your features. For a natural makeup I would definitely start with applying the Advanced Liquid Finish foundation that helps lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. I use Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish when  my complexion needs just a touch of foundation, as the consistency is quite light coverage, but it leaves your skin looking flawless and matte. I usually tend to use the Nu Skin cosmetics when my skin is a bit tan and well moisturized, that is all year round, as I look after my skin like a fanatic. Before applying my foundation I use the ageLOC day cream and sometimes the Essence Ultra serum if I feel the need of a pick me up. The Nu Skin concealer is weightless with smooth, long-lasting buildable coverage without the use of petrolatum or heavy waxes. It has beneficial vitamins and botanicals, just what your under eye area needs.

For my eye makeup I usually go for neutrals, and the Nu Skin Mocha Eye shadow palette is in my daily makeup bag. The colours are versatile and the pigment is just right, without caking. You can create flawless eye looks from muted to smoky pretty easily. I absolutely love the Nu Colour bronzing pearls for adding a little colour to my complexion. They are silky powder spheres in a blend of five different shades, the perfect touch for any skin to be honest. I just brush them on my face to add a hint of sun kissed radiance for a healthy, vibrant glow. You can go on top with one of the blushes for a sheer flush to contour and highlight. I see the pearls are really popular and often out of stock, so you can rely on the blushes instead, as they come in 3 different shades.There are so many different products to try in the Nu Skin cosmetics range, and one of the most used is the Nu Skin lipsticks range. The colour variety is impressive as well as the consistency, so if you’re after matte, glossy or something in between, they’ve got you covered. I tend to go for the Replenishing range, because it provides a rich colour that lasts, and it also has a powerful antioxidant. It does not dry up the lips at all!

I am really impressed with the quality of Nu Skin cosmetics, it is obvious the over 30 years of research has paid off and the brand is a leader on the market and it’s here to stay.