Mother’s Day gift guide: Epoch essential oils and AgeLOC Transformation

March 21, 2017

I’ve been a huge fan of essential oils the past few months. I have discovered them right after becoming a mother. My baby got sick with the flu at around 4 months and I didn’t want to fill her up with pills. I started doing a little bit of research and found out about the miracle of plants and essential oils. On the long run, they will improve your health, state of mind and tonus as well. Essential oils can be obtained from plants and contain volatile aromas, which give these elements their characteristic odour. Nu Skin has done a wonderful job extracting these oils in collaboration with world’s leading ethnobotanists, who study the usage of botanicals by indigenous cultures and infuses this wisdom into our modern lifestyle.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I am sure she is fed up with brooches, scarves, and gift vouchers. Why not make her relax by experiencing an easy breathing and cooling sensation, and beat the Monday morning blues? Get her an Epoch Essential Oils kit which can help her do that and more. A few drops will soothe senses, create an alluring ambiance and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Epoch Essential Oils are not only about a fragrance, they also add quality to your life. Use what fits your needs best, a single essential oil or a blend. Each oil provides its own expressive aroma, which can be used to enhance your mood at different occasions. Choose the oil that fits your lifestyle best. Note that Epoch Essential Oils are formulated for aromatic purposes only, so you can’t use them on your body.

The Epoch Experience kit contains some of the most uplifting aromas, such as Epoch Harmony, Epoch Chill, Epoch Sunshine and Epoch Peace. You also get a really beautiful diffuser who can match any decor and an aromatic stone. A great introduction into the lore of essential oils, this unique collection comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

Another brilliant idea for Mother’s Day is the AgeLOC Transformation kit. Featuring a powerful line up of four products, the kit is Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-ageing system ever, delivering unsurpassed anti-ageing benefits. This complete and comprehensive skin care system cleanses, purifies, renews, moisturises and reveals younger looking skin in eight ways – for a more youthful and healthier looking complexion, now and in the future. All moms feel insecure regarding their looks, so why not restore their confidence by gifting youth essentials in a box? The treatments can be used by young adults too, so get a box for yourself too!

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    March 30, 2017

    Babe these look so good and I’m such a fan of your pics, can’t wait to see you next week! Love youuuu xoxo

    Love from Costa Rica,