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May 5, 2016

You’ve seen me complain about my hair on the blogosphere, although I am constantly trying numerous treatments and miracle whisperers I don’t believe anymore. Bruno Marc, the Creative Director of System Professional asked me how many shampoos do I have in my cabinet, and I was totally honest when I replied: “30. 29 for thin hair and one for colour. But none of them work”. Everybody laughed, obviously, but for me it is quite the struggle ever since I was aware I won’t get thicker hair anymore. So when the team approached me to try out the System Professional revolutionary treatment I was a bit reluctant. I still went anyway, bloggers have a curious nature and a tendency towards everything new. The entire experience has been a breakthrough for me, personally, because I finally found what my hair was missing for.Untitled-4But let’s start with the beginning. My hair is really thin, over-dyed, fragile, dry, and I can never let it grow longer than my shoulders, as it will look even thinner than Barbie’s locks. Now that you know what we’re dealing with, the System Professional team went on with the first step of diagnosing my unique hair energy profile, using a really fancy and scientific online mapping tool. You can try the energy code mapping at home and receive some free samples, just to have an idea of what everything is all about. I had to choose between lots of features characterizing my hair, the good and the bad. I couldn’t find a single good one, so I checked all the bad ones. Pretty fair and objective, right? The picture above shows exactly how my hair looks without any styling products: thin, frilled, and lifeless. The hair consultants actually helped me understand the needs of my hair and choose the right products to help restore it. Untitled-1I absolutely love a customized beauty service, because not one person is alike, and not one need is similar. Once a hair energy has been diagnosed, a personalized System Professional treatment and products were being prescribed, tailored to my specific hair and scalp needs. Thus, if you are smart enough to want what’s best for your hair, and book an appointment with System Professional, stylists choose and combine products from the extensive system professional care ranges to create a highly personalized treatment regimen that brings truly individualized and effective results. Varying from express leave-ins, to rinse-out care to indulgent rituals, there are infinite luxurious combinations to meet each individual’s hair care needs.DSC_5671My hair was washed with the hydrating shampoo and repair conditioner for intensive treatment, and then I got a hair cut from Bruno, one of the best stylists I’ve talked to, for that ultra-needed movement of my locks. Then the miracle happened. I tried the Liquid Hair and my really thin hair got alive all of a sudden, thicker, and healthier looking. I am aware that I need to use it for a while to see constant results, but wow! I’ve never seen a product work right away. The Hair Energy definitely works.
So what does great “Hair Energy” look like?

“Hair with the right energy levels is responsive to styling, is manageable, with glossy shine and comb-ability – it’s not tired, limp or dull, it’s alive with youthfulness and vitality,” says Maria Castan, System Professional Senior Scientist.

We should trust the scientists, they know better. I saw it with my own eyes, so no need to speculate here. A hair that feels reborn with the innovative tools and high-end products needed to make that beauty ideal a reality? I am sold!

Untitled-5System Professional is an industry leader in the science of hair care and now its scientists, in co-creation with top stylists, have succeeded in unlocking the secret to re-energizing and transforming hair. It’s through a ground-breaking discovery that each individual’s hair has its own hair energy profile that is as unique as a fingerprint, and that hair can be visibly transformed via a revolutionary new ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX. This major leap forward in the science of hair care has been available in selected salons from January 2016. You can only be diagnosed in certain salons and receive the right treatment for your hair, just because the specialists need to analyze your needs and cater for them properly. Untitled-6My hair after the treatment, without any styling products, looks so much better, healthier, glossy and I can’t imagine how it will look after a constant use of my Energy Code. This technology is a new complex with a combination of naturally occurring active lipids and other powerful ingredients found in skin and hair. Depending on the levels and condition of keratin and lipids inside and outside the hair, hair will have a different level of energy, and therefore responsiveness and manageability. The loss of these 2 components can lead to degradation of the hair structure resulting in hair damage that can be noticed via difficult combing, frizzy hair and fragile hair.

So there you have it, my entire experience with System Professional, which restored my hair. One thing which amazed me, was that the next day, my hair looked the same. For 30 years I woke up with frizzy hair, dry and flat, even after a deep hydrating mask applied the day before. But this time was different: my hair looked stronger and in the same condition as it was at the salon, so this really spoke to me about the quality of the treatment.

I will be doing another review in 3 weeks, because I want to use the products at home and see what difference they will make. I have a strong feeling this time, all the promises will come true.system professional

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    Louisa Kornberg

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    I absolutely love flared jeans, you look so cool!!!