H Room makeup with Too Faced essentials

January 20, 2017

Getting my makeup done is something so rare these days, because of baby duty, that whenever I get out of the house, it feels like I’m off to a gala. Even off to get the milk and I still pop some lipstick and BB cream on. It might have something to do with my heavy under eye bags and bad eating behaviour, but let’s  not blame the baby. I love my makeup bright, shiny, capturing all the light in the room, mostly because my skin is dry and my yellow undertone is so unflattering, making everyone wonder if I am sick. No, really, it happens a lot!

When Too Faced launched their face primer Hangover I was a bit reluctant. Another face primer in the sea of unlimited offers. I tried it and I was hooked. It is definitely my favourite primer when it comes to brightening my complexion! When long days of work and late nights of play give you a beauty hangover, this is your instant cure. Hangover is a revolutionary makeup primer infused with coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers that work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer, and more flawless wear.

This is definitely an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels. It can be worn alone for a dewy, healthy looking finish or under bronzers, foundations, and powders to create the perfect canvas. You would look like you received eight hours of sleep and drank your daily dose of H2O. Makeup looks more radiant, skin is more hydrated, and the makeup goes on smoother. Test if yourself, you would be so pleased with the results! I don’t recommend it during summer if your complexion is oily or if you have to endure high temperatures.

too faced hangover

Talking about eye makeup now. I could go on and on about how I tested a lot of palettes throughout the years, and how honestly, I’ve only come down to eyeliner and a base because none of the colours or textures satisfied my needs. When the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette launched, I had to purchase it because of all the hype on social media. With the 16 luscious shades in a selection of matte and shimmer finishes, you can create mesmerising eye looks with this palette. It also smells like sweet chocolate, so if you’re on a diet, just take the easy route. You’d look prettier too! I loved some of the shades, especially the metallic ones, while some of the matte formulas didn’t really appeal to me, as they were a bit too dry for my already matured eyelids. I think they are best to be used with a wet brush. Still, the palette is the perfect excuse to pamper and get creative with natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums.
DSC_4874 DSC_4870DSC_4881

Moving on to foundation, I must admit, I’ve been using the Too Faced Born This Way foundation for the entire year since May, and I seem to go back to it all the time. The consistency is designed to be undectectable, covering the gap between makeup and skin imperceptibly. It is medium to full coverage, and it combines coconut water and alpine rose to naturally defend against the elements and includes hyaluronic acid to encourage a more youthful look. It is really hydrating without making your face shine like a Christmas tree, so my dry skin really loves it. It doesn’t oxidate throughout the day, your complexion looks really natural, but it hides all the uneven spots. Brilliant!
too faced born this way DSC_4897

Now, my favourite product in my makeup kit is definitely the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. I’ve tried dozens of concealers in the past, and right now I have more than 10 different ones in my arsenal, but none like the one from Too Faced. Just to summarise my history with bad circles: I have dry skin around my eyes, saggy dark bags, and I tried pretty much all the hydrating concealers under the sun. None of them really worked, either shifting, creasing, not covering enough, drying, even more, my under eye area, you name it. I’ve watched a lot of Youtube reviews about this concealer so I had high expectations. You would think I might’ve run out of optimism by now. The Born This Way concealer creates a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Infused with coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid, it offers a creamy, hydrating formula that blurs imperfections for an undetectable finish. Free from oil, it can be applied alone, over or under foundation without creasing. Replenishes moisture levels, skin balancing hydration, brightens skin’s appearance, promotes elasticity. Miracle in a bottle, to be honest! It lasts more than 8 hours without touching up, so I am really impressed with it and been using it daily. too faced concealer DSC_4911

One of my best friends, Ana Harlea,  is the really talented makeup artist behind  H Room. She did my makeup using my favourite products from Too Faced, creating a gorgeous look perfect for a night out, a date, or an event. I still like to wear this kind of makeup for day, but that’s because I am used to a blogger’s life. Ok, I am a mom now, don’t blame me for wanting to shine once in a while and forget about diapers, dirty shirts, and Pjs all day, at least for a few hours.

Ana is doing makeup for brides, events, and pretty much any special occasion and her magic place is at the heart of Bucharest, in Piata Victoriei. Her husband is a really talented hairstylist, so this duo is best to have around when you want to be the most admired woman at the party. Ana is really fun, modern and down to earth kinda girl, so you can let her snap her fingers and brushes with confidence. Let me know if you’ve tried any Too Faced makeup!
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    Image Consultant Kent

    February 8, 2017

    Wow she looks amazing. That Too faces Chocolate bar palette looks gorgeous.

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    February 9, 2017

    Sunteti superbe!

    Am si eu nevoie de un anticearcan bun, dupa noptile nedormite. O sa incerc anticearcanul, cel putin!