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Miller & Carter – Muswell Hill, London

November 1, 2017

There are so many new restaurants opening in London every week, that you would need a lifetime to try them all. Obviously, some are more worthy of your time and money than others, and this is why reviews are so useful nowadays. You know I am quite the gourmand. This is how I have actually started this blog, called back in the day Eileen Cuisine, as an outlet for recipes tried in my kitchen. I still cook, but now I dedicate my time writing restaurant reviews too, because living in London is such a blessing to my taste buds.

Last week I was offered a complimentary meal at the famous Miller & Carter steakhouse, who opened a new restaurant in Muswell Hill. The location is breathtaking, as you would expect from an old church, reconditioned and decorated in a magnificent way. As you walk in, there is this sense of elegance and sophistication that surrounds the place, a mix between modern and traditional décor.  The floating lights scattered across the high ceiling give this majestic vibe to the entire restaurant, creating an intimate atmosphere, despite the impressive size of the location.

The restaurant is divided into the main sitting area with lovely booths, as well as the bar area for drinks and snacks. The top floor is beautifully decorated with burgundy booths and leather chairs, and what I really appreciate is that the owner kept the original features of the church such as the stained glass windows, the arches, and some of the old stones, but added quirky elements to actually feel like you’re in a proper steakhouse.

The staff was really welcoming and friendly, from the moment we sat down until we left with our bellies full 3 hours later. The waiter knew exactly what to recommend and we did have a few questions regarding the menu and the wine list. He ended up pairing our food with a delicious Montepulciano, perfect for the three course meal. I’ve been talking so much about the décor, that I know you are all eager to learn about what we’ve ordered. Atmosphere is nice, but food is really important, right? Well, we were not disappointed. I love steak and I love seafood, so being able to order both was something out of this world. Sure, many restaurants offer an array of dishes all over London, but not all of them are located in a stunning old church, while cooking to perfection your order. Trust me, I have been to countless restaurants so far, so I know a thing or two about recommending the best.  For starters me and my sister ordered seafood, as you would’ve guessed by now.
The salt and pepper calamari served with chipotle chilli mayonnaise were really crunchy, fresh, flavourful, just the way I like them. They were seasoned to perfection and matched the garlic King prawns served with toasted ciabatta. Juicy, buttery and tangy, pure heaven. The perfect addition to a great start of our lunch, which somehow foretold what about to unfold next.
For mains obviously I went for a steak, as one does at a steakhouse. Steak is king. Steak is what other meat wishes to be.  The simpler a steak is cooked, the better and this is Miller & Carter’s philosophy. They take British and Irish beef premium cuts aged for 30 or 50 days and cook them to perfection. All the prime steaks are served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of onion loaf and balsamic glazed beef tomato, along with your favourite choice of lettuce wedge. Once you’ve decided which of the 13 steaks you’d like and how you want it to be cooked, you can choose a steak sauce. They also have little extra sides such as lobster and kind prawns tempura, mac and cheese, or garlic steamed broccoli.
I went for a grain fed sirloin medium rare, aged for 50 days for a rich and buttery flavour, along with a British beef dripping sauce, and everything tasted amazing. The meat was tender, succulent, seasoned well, seared to a wonderful golden finish. It truly was one of the best steaks I’ve had in a long time, and the sides complemented it to perfection. My sister had a delicious pesto crusted sea bass served with baby potatoes, roasted vegetable tartare, sugar snap peas, samphire and a tarragon infused Hollandaise. The plate looked whimsical and not only that, the fish was light, fresh, with a crispy crust, flavourful and paired wonderfully by the sides. The menu is quite impressive, and there are so many options to choose from, that we need to book a table soon to try more.

We were quite full by the time we finished our mains, but we had to order desserts. The Miller’s chocolate hazelnut bomb looked good on paper, and even more beautiful on the plate. An indulgently rich chocolate & hazelnut ganache encased in a nutty chocolate shell and served with praline ice cream, zesty orange curd and raspberry sugar tuille. It sounds pompous, but this dessert has it all: splendour, that wow factor, and a divine taste. Definitely the right way to finish an amazing lunch.

With a reputation to maintain, Miller & Carter is on top of its game. The restaurant on Muswell Hill is not only beautiful and magnificent, it also delivers one of the best steak in London, whether your preferred cut is ribeye, fillet, sirloin, it’ll be as flavoursome and tender as the master butcher intended. Unlike many other steakhouses, at Miller & Carter you receive a full steak experience at a reasonable price. If your party is not keen on steaks, then they are in for a treat too, as the restaurant is looking after all tastes, equally satisfied by the fish and vegetarian dishes. The cellar is brimming with elegant wines to match your meal, as well as champagnes, cocktails and other tipples. This is the perfect restaurant to organize events or any special occasions. So, do you want to have the Miller & Carter experience? Head over to my Instagram page, as I have a little competition for you. Win a gift card to spend at Miller & Carter, because you deserve the best.

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    Jessi Malay

    November 9, 2017

    The interior design is wonderful! Photos came out so good and the food looks yummy!

    XO, Jessi