Why is cashmere the ultimate winter-wardrobe luxury

November 13, 2017

Winter is upon us, which means that cashmere jumpers have returned to store shelves. A staple of holiday gift-giving and cold-weather fashion, cashmere items have been on my radar only recently, as I turned the big old 3.0. mark, if you know what I mean. In my restless youth, I used to be obsessed with fast-fashion, buying a lot of clothes on sale that I didn’t need, of questionable quality, poorly designed, basically uniforms for the masses. With age comes wisdom and I’ve learnt that less is more, finally. It’s better to invest in one good quality piece du resistance that would be in your wardrobe for years, than renewing your closet every season.

How I got to realise that cashmere is one of the garments worth investing in? When putting on layers and layers during winter and finding it’s never enough. I was still shivering like a damsel in distress the entire winter. It’s not going to happen when you’re wearing cashmere. Warm, soft and incredibly chic, this fabric will last for a lifetime of winters. Why buy cheap bulky wool jumpers that would lose it’s shape, and it will leave you itchy? Yes, planning to purchase a cashmere item can be expected to have a hefty price tag, but its cost production process and scarcity justify the price.¬†

If you want this post to become a bit educational, cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce the wool, and the combing and sorting process is long and tedious, which it’s done by just a few producers globally. Now you know why cashmere can be on the expensive side. Nonetheless, high-quality cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool despite its light weight.¬† Now that you’ve learnt more than you’ve ever known about cashmere, I’m going to share you one of the young brands I’ve discovered that sell pure cashmere knitwear all made in Italy by a small family’s factory in Tuscany. I’ve been eager to visit this part of Italy so much because of the food and landscape, but I’ve never imagined they make soft cashmere too. The Italians are the ones who have perfected the art of living well, and it’s a world known fact. Italy in Cashmere is selling accessible cashmere garments¬† that are versatile and cover a good range of needs.

For a trip to the park with Emma, I’ve covered myself with this beautiful Bordeaux wrap which i could already see myself wearing a lot this season. Either casual or for an elegant outfit, it’s such a soft, warm knit that could keep me warm even while working at my desk. It’s pretty generous in size, so if you want a slimmer version, Italy in Cashmere has scarfs too.

When buying a cashmere item you have to be careful, because not all fabrics are equally luxe. Touch the garment, feel its fuzziness and pilling. A good quality cashmere item should not wrinkle nor pill. Rub the cashmere to your neck or under your chin, both sensitive skin spots, and the fabric should feel soft. Italy in Cashmere passed all these tests. The finesse of a cashmere item comes down to the process of spinning and weaving, and it’s true, Italians are some of the best manufactures in the world who make no compromise when it comes to quality.

The brand has launched a new collection of jumpers and cardigans and I’ve been wearing mine a lot, since it’s so easy to style it up or down, depending on my mood. My Italy in Cashmere cardigan has been a godsend because Emma is so impatient lately, I quickly wear my cardigan on top of anything really, and off we go to play. It keeps me warm and Emma loves how soft it feels when I carry her in my arms.

You can discover more about Italy in Cashmere over on their website and you can shop anything with 15% discount when using the code EATWEARTRAVEL15.

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    Very nice color. I love burgundy :).