November 7, 2018

It feels like I haven’t done a fashion post in such a long time, but autumn is here, and we need to kick off the cold season with some good news. EMU Australia has launched the Pioneer boots to keep you warm and dry. Living in London is fabulous, but it does come with a lot of rain we all have to embrace. Not our feet though, as the Pioneer boots are made with waterproof suede and lined with Australian sheepskin. These boots are a constructed fit that will feel firm initially, but mould to your feet as you wear them.

I absolutely love them, as my feet get cold every season due to bad circulation, but my day spent in London was simply perfect! I walked around Westminster the entire day, and I felt really comfortable, even from the first wear. The Pioneer boots are built on a chunky, winter ready, waterproof outsole, they are lined with 100% Australian Merino wool to keep feet warm. 

I have been wearing a lot of EMU boots and flats for the past year and they are fabulous. The Pioneer boots can take you through the toughest winters and I can actually see myself not freezing to death when I’ll have to queue for ages at Winter Wonderland. Today I took them on a walk to central London, to the most iconic places that have such meaning to me.

The first place is the London Eye. I remember bringing my sister here, a few years ago for the first time. We had to queue for a few hours on a freezing day of February, right around my birthday. I was actually turning 30 that month, and I really wanted to spend time with my sister who lives back home. We had the best day here, drinking mulled wine and trying to get warm. She was so impressed by London seen from above, who keeps a certain charm no matter the weather. 

The second place I remember about is Big Ben. It is under constructions now, which is a bit annoying for all the tourists that come to London, but it does remind me of my niece’s first visit to London last year. She was dreaming about Big Ben ever since she was able to talk. As a matter of fact, she spotted it on an ad back home, when she was around 2 years old. Talk about passion! When she saw Big Ben, she was a bit disappointed because it was half covered for undergoing works, but still her eyes lit up and I am sure she will treasure that memory forever.  My niece turned 6 that day and being in London for her birthday was the best present. It was raining and I would’ve loved wearing the EMU Pioneer boots, to be honest. But I have them on now and taking them to my beloved London, while I’m down the memory lane, has been a blast.

Next on my tour, is the famous red phone booth. And not just any random one, but the spot where I shot my first fashion post, 5 years ago. It’s right along Thames River, close to Westminster exit 1. I’ll always remember this phone booth. One of my photographer-blogger friend did a photoshoot for me here and the pictures turned out amazing. It was freezing cold, and I was wearing some really uncomfortable high heels, but that photoshoot will always remind me of how my career as a fashion blogger started. I was already blogging for around 6 years, but I was doing food, restaurants and a little bit of travel. Fashion was a passion of mine, that needed to be shared, so what better way than shooting next to one of the most iconic symbols in London?

I must admit, going back to one of the places that define my beginnings as a lifestyle influencer, really brought back a lot of beautiful memories. London is absolutely breathtaking and if you plan on visiting, even for a day, you have to check these 3 spots and create your own memories here. Pack your EMU Pioneer if you come on a rainy day, or during the winter. You’ll thank me later! Post sponsored by EMU Australia. All opinions are my own.

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