Wearing Self-Portrait in Ibiza, via LUISAVIAROMA

August 22, 2018

I can’t remember when I first saw a Self-Portrait dress, but I was never the same. I must’ve been a student, because I couldn’t afford buying one of their designs, so I had to opt for cheaper versions that tried to copy Self-Portrait. Years have gone by, I grew up in style and knowledge, and I found out about LUISAVIAROMA which caries some of the most established brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Balmain but also emerging new designers. 

And because I love a good story, LUISAVIAROMA started in Paris when Luisa Jaquin opened a small straw hat boutique with her Florentine husband, Lido Panconesi. They eventually relocated to Florence, where Luisa opened a new hat boutique on Via Roma, 1930. Lido Panconesi slowly expanded the store’s inventory to include clothing, having built his own factory to produce them. Their grandson, Andrea solidified the family business adding more brands, scouting, discovering and propelling emerging new talents into global fashion brands. Today the store and website continue to run as a 100% family-owned business.

Which is how I discovered they also carried Self-Portrait. I had to take a leap, after all, I’ve worked so long for an entire year, I deserved a few dresses, right? My trip to Ibiza was approaching fast, and I decided to order two perfect cocktail dresses. Although the shipping is made from Milan, my beautifully wrapped parcel came in two days. Talk about efficient delivery! 

I had to order size 10 because the Self-Portrait dresses run quite small but they are so beautiful, amazing lace details and exquisite fabrics. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got over wearing both of them in Ibiza! The exact ones I am wearing in these photos have been sold out ever since, but I have manage to select a few recommendations for special events in your life, that I think will get a lot of praises.

Since my trip to Ibiza, I’ve bought two more dresses from the same brand and I can’t wait to wear them! In the meantime, let me know which one is your favourite, and which one did you buy! You can find so many other amazing pieces on LUISAVIAROMA. They have great sales at the minute, so don’t miss it!