Ena Salon – excellence at its best

July 28, 2015

As any blogger will tell you, hair is really important. Actually, women in general will complain about two things (to say the least): their weight and their locks. Since London is such an amazing cocoon for talented artists, you might imagine finding a great place to take care of your hair is pretty easy. Well, not for us, the pretentious ones, the ones that understand hair should be treated with care and love. That is what I felt the moment I stepped into Ena Salon. From the honest smile of the receptionist, to the breathtaking decor,  you feel you’ve just entered into a story and you don’t want to leave. The style of the salon is effortlessly elegant, perfectly embedded in the heart of Covent Garden. Situated in a sprawling Georgian townhouse, the salon boasts with luxury and sustainability seamlessly combining neutral, clean living with an opulent approach to up-cycling. The style is unique, as you can see from the pictures below, from stained glass windows, to painted ceilings, everything is spacious and bright, tranquil and stylish. With furniture sourced from Normandy, lamp shades from Finland, lights from Belgium and work stations with a previous life as a scaffolding boards, Ena Salon enjoys a much needed personality in this age, when you need something to differentiate from other businesses alike .

GROUND-FLOOR_0054_0006Talking about their experience, they provide complete hair and beauty services, for both men and women, winning many awards and being frequently on every top lists you might think of. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam, such a friendly and warm person, with an extensive experience as a hair stylist. While giving me a much needed hairdo, he also talked passionately about the Ena Salon’s collaboration with Allilon Education Academy, where their stylists and colour technicians perform classes, seminars and shows all over the globe as well as in London. So if you want to learn from the best, give them a go.

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