Brooks and Brooks – salon review

June 11, 2015

Every woman deserves to be pampered, taking care of, and indulge in all things pretty. And with professionals such as the ones I have met at Brooks & Brooks, this experience is more than easy to obtain. The salon is located at the heart of London, in Holborn, one of my favorite places buzzing with tourists, college students, and businessmen in perfect harmony. The bespoke hairdressing specializes in fresh up to date, versatile styles, and it has highly trained stylists really passionate about their job.

The salon looks polished, with elegant details, diffuse light and a relaxed atmosphere, that your might want to spend the entire day trying out new hair styles and colours. Brooks & Brooks has won prestigious awards for their work, and they are a constant appearance in leading magazines, on models, musicians and TV stars where their team show exceptionally high standards as everyone wants to stand out.Brooks-interiors-16045

My hair has been lovely done by John, the senior stylist, and I must say it felt like we knew each other since forever! Such a warm, genuine person, also amazingly talented, he worked magic with my hair colour, and you know all my bickering on this subject. It is so important to trust the person that handles your precious hair, that you need to connect right away, and this is what happened right after sitting on that chair. All the team is so professional and friendly, starting with the attention they give while washing your hair, right up to the complimentary blowdry. You feel for almost two hours the queen of the day, and trust me, you deserve it.

Check their website for prices and book an appointment at one of the best salon in London, recognized for their services quality and attention they give to trends, new techniques and their hospitality and warmth.
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