3 ways to style luxury Asian designer wear

May 14, 2017

I’ve been an avid Bollywood watcher, I admit it. The joy of dancing, the unmeasurable drama, the comic situations, and oh, the vibrant colours and dazzling clothes, made this entire world so covetable and dreamy. Honestly, I imagined myself so many times in long heavy beaded sari, all glammed up, getting ready for one of the famous Indian dance. There is something about luxury Asian wear, much more than traditional wedding garments. The opulent fabrics and lavish embellishments can easily be integrated into Western outfits, with a bit of flair. Which is what I tried doing in today’s special post for Onitaa Luxury Wear.

Stepping in the store in Marylebone was like entering a world of colour, and stunning pieces, each more perfect than the other. The well known shop collaborates with talented Indian and Pakistani designers especially for UK customers, following the latest trends. There is something for every taste and occasion: stunning pieces for parties, holidays, black-tie events, weddings, as well as more casual outfits. The gowns can also be custom made for special occasions. The quality of the clothing is exquisite and the attention for details is breathtaking. You need to see for yourself, you will be mesmerized for sure!

  1. The wedding guest

The first outfit I chose to style (although it was really hard to choose, as they were all amazing), was this stunning midi black dress, with gold and red trimming, and colourful sleeves, perfect for all silhouettes. Twirling in the exquisite fabric made me feel like the princess of the enchanted garden, judging by the photos we took at Castle Ashby Gardens. This party dress is decorated with delicate embroidery and brings out grace and power at the same time. The gown can be worn at weddings, or formal events, since it is a stylish couture design and would make you the belle of the ball, with all eyes on you. 

When the dress flows like a dream, accessories should be kept minimal but still striking and bold. Asian traditions mixed with modern elements is more and more appreciated for the array of diversity, beauty and excellent craftsmanship. Be the talk of the party, and lead the fashion pack!

2. The stylish holiday attire

Who said you need to leave on a holiday packing only t-shirts and jeans? For a night out in a buzzing exotic city, you can always step up the game in the most exquisite attire I’ve ever worn. The bejeweled long sleeves maxi sheer cardigan paired with satin cutout culottes and embroidered bustier have just the perfect touch of richness, class, and awesomeness. Just imagine being dressed like that on an evening walk along the Amalfi Coast. All heads will turn, trust me! I felt like a royal princess dressed in this layered piece of art, to be honest. The weighty embellishment and intricate embroidery of the suit don’t need to follow current trends because they are eternal and can be passed down to generations and still look actual and relevant.  

I kept my accessories following the same neutral colour because I wanted to balance the dazzling cardigan with the rest of the outfit, not feeling overpowered by different elements such as the heels or the small bag. Either a diva or a sophisticated woman, you can be whatever you set your mind in this outfit!

3. Chic casual wear

On a day-to-day basis, women want to feel comfortable, but chic at the same time. This is why including an astonishing element into your outfit, can elevate the entire look from dull to stunning. No need to overthink it, so in my final look I’ve added a beautifully embellished top over mom jeans, paired with pink sandals for a pop of colour. Either you’re walking in the park, or are going out with your friends for lunch, you can always count on that perfect item to celebrate a defined taste in fashion. O’Nitaa can deliver that and beyond. 

Indian and Pakistani fashion is not dedicated for ethnic weddings or Asian people as I’ve tried to prove in today’s post. O’nitta is an internationally famous multi-designer retailer that caters for all tastes, either you’re a modern, urban woman or a more traditional person. The designers O’nitta represent are the very finest Asia has to offer and you deserve to build a more wide wardrobe with colours, exquisite fabrics, and mindblowing embellishment.


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    Megan at Lush to Blush

    May 16, 2017

    You seriously pulled these looks off SO well. Absolutely beautiful!

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    May 16, 2017

    These pieces are all so elegant and stunning on you! I especially love the second outfit – about as fancy as it gets, but so breathtaking. I also love how you found a way to dress the pieces down for the third look!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

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    Claire Liu

    May 18, 2017

    Really love the first dress! SUPER stunning!

    xo, Claire | VONVOGUE.COM

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    Lavenda Memory

    May 18, 2017

    That second dress is my absolute favorite! Such a divine color and detail! Great post babe 🙂