The best travel experience in Ibiza – where to stay, where to eat, what to wear

July 26, 2018

Ibiza never appealed to me in the past. It seemed like a wild party house for youngsters and hippies, and I’m neither of them. Last year, I was taken on a trip to Ibiza (that article still needs to be written) and my opinion changed immediately. Maybe because I was experiencing another face of the island, much more mature, relaxed and divine. Last month I was invited again to review the island by Deliciously Sorted Ibiza and The London Influence with a group of bloggers, and this time I fell in love with Ibiza even more. Actually, it made me realise it’s the best place on earth I’ve seen so far. I know, big words, but if you know where to stay, what to eat, where to party, you will thank me for all the insight.

Where to stay – Can Mimosa villa

Ibiza is well known for beautiful homes, villas and hotels, but Can Mimosa is out of this world. The contemporary white villa is surrounded by tropical gardens and it’s an idyllic retreat for families, a group of friends to relax and enjoy the sun, creating breathtaking memories. The villa has an outdoor cinema, ping-pong table, football table, gym, catering for guests’ needs.

Caroline, the owner and interior designer has given the villa tremendous attention to details, making it a lush and stylish place, an ideal Ibizan hideaway. White alpaca carpets, white sofas and chairs, silver accents, and a retro luxurious feel found in the bedrooms, put this villa on top of my favourites places I’ve visited so far.

If you want to book the Can Mimosa villa, you need to know there are 6 bedrooms, all with their own ensuite with shower. Three of the bedrooms can be found in the villa, while two other bedrooms have their own entrance and are not connected to the main villa. The last bedroom is located in the garden and it’s the kid’s surf-shack room, with 3 single beds, a TV with Xbox, overlooking the pool and outdoor cinema.

The pool area is simply beautiful, surrounded by luxurious palm trees, tropical gardens, and built-in sun loungers. Everywhere you turn there’s chill out areas to relax and dine, summer kitchen with barbecue, perfect for parties and amazing holidays. The villa is located perfectly with the airport 20 minutes away, and nearest beaches Cala Jondal and Salinas in the south.

If you decided to lounge all day at the villa, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained. You can start with a session of yoga by Sophie Clyde, just perfect to stretch your body and relax your mind. Follow it up with a healthy breakfast and then a sun filled afternoon. For lunch, get the best chef in town to cook in your own kitchen. We had the lovely chef Luciano from Deep Roots Catering Ibiza who cooked us a delicious lunch, sustaining farm to table concept, by using locally sourced ingredients. Then just lay by the pool or swim in the clear water, there are plenty to do and relax at Can Mimosa.

Where to eat in Ibiza

My first experience in Ibiza was disappointing in terms of food, since the hotel I stayed at was marvellous, but the food was undesirable to say the least. This time, all the restaurants and bars we’ve been at, were out of this world, really! Such amazing Spanish dishes, all cooked to perfection, making this holiday one to remember. For drinks I totally recommend Peyote Ibiza Bay located on the white sandy beaches of Talamanca. The restaurant offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and it’s a modern interpretation of traditional Mexican food. I have some of the best calamari there and the Peyote special cocktail is absolutely amazing! 

Bikini by Cathy Guetta

The restaurant is newly opened and it is a blogger’s dream. Really colourful, a marriage between tropical vibes and retro 60s beach style, the restaurant is a happy pink cloud on the shores of Talamanca. Bikini by Cathy Guetta is full of surprises, from pink flamingos and roses walls, to Barbie dolls at the toilet and pink sunbeds on the beach. The service is great, and we had an eight courses dinner, starting with two types of oysters and ending with a platter of delicious desserts. Such a fabulous restaurant! I just wished we went for lunch, just to make better pictures during the day! But there’s always a next Ibiza trip to plan, right?

Beachouse, Plaja d’en Bossa

Beachouse has such good vibes, and a delicious contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. The starters were so fresh and tasty, with homemade humus with veggies and flatbread, crispy calamari and an amazing hot bread. Not only the food is great, but you can also bask in the raw beauty of the Ibizan elements, against a breathtaking backdrop of sun-drenched sand and shimmering waters. 

El Portalon, Ibiza

El Portalon is one of the best restaurants in the old town, Ibiza. Anne the owner, moved to Ibiza 10 years ago on a 450 years old farm and has been supplying local organic produce to restaurants across the island.
At El Portalon, Anne has dedicated herself to study Eivissa’s food culture and her entire passion can be seen in her amazing dishes! Definitely the best dinner I’ve had in Ibiza so far, and I can truly say the entire trip was filled with incredible culinary experiences. 

All the dishes were in harmony with the goodness of the land, and an ode to Ibizan cuisine at its best. From a divine Spanish bread, to seasonal veggies and a fish paste that I could eat every day, the entire menu was absolutely amazing. The best dinner I’ve had in a long time, and you know I do lots of restaurant reviews for a living. Try the steak with sweet potatoes, it’s addictive! 

After a delicious dinner, we went for drinks on a rooftop at Gran Hotel Montesol in the city. One of the best views overlooking the sea, and the vibrant city day and night, it’s one of the hottest destinations when you’re in Ibiza. 

La Granja

If I got hold of a genie bottle I would ask him to grant me just one wish: to make me master of the most amazing place on earth which is La Granja. At the heart of Ibiza’s pastoral inlands, the farm is tucked into 10 hectares of secluded farmland. La Granja embraces the Mediterranean cuisine with the use of their own products grown at the farm. I’ve had an absolute dream of a breakfast, while admiring the centuries-old stone farmhouse and the most beautiful pool I’ve ever seen.
Time seems to stop when you’re at La Granja. Honouring the rustic simplicity, the farm also tries to raise awareness and connect likeminded people through communal farming and slow-food workshops. This place makes you see the other side of Ibiza, and it’s the place where I could settle down and let nature rule my life. La Granja aims to preserve the natural beauty of the island through local initiatives and programs supporting organic farming. Here, among the heady scents of ficus and figs, is the real Ibiza. The one untouched by time and tourism, the one of rambling roads, brooding mountains and peerless ocean vistas.

The property, which includes a nine-bedroom farmhouse, a freestanding, two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool and kitchen, embraces both the heritage of the farmhouse and its inherent connection to the land, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth and decay, modesty and transience.

Beso Beach Ibiza

On the last day, we went for lunch at Beso Beach, which is a located in front of the sea and serves a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with the nuances of the Basque producing an authentic, pure flavour. We had a great Paella, and the biggest side salad ever accompanying one of the best ceviche ever! We couldn’t have ended our culinary journey in Ibiza better. 

What to wear in Ibiza

Ibiza is the go-to destination for beach clubs, parties, yacht trips, cocktails nights, and beautiful sunsets. It’s a mix of crystal clear waters and cocktails, raw beaches, yoga lovers, green juice and the best Spanish food. So what to wear while you’re there? In general, the look is very much laidback luxe. For all the parties I would definitely recommend flowy pieces, such as beautiful silky or lace Self-Portrait dresses and a wrap polka dots dress I am absolutely in love with from Boden. 

For walks in the old town I’ll say the blue knot front midi dress from Asos was my best acquisition. So affordable, yet adorable! On the White Island you could get away with anything, as long as it’s white. Which is why the embroidered playsuit from Topshop is so sexy and stylish at the same time. Add some hot pink in your holiday wardrobe, it will make you stand out. 

No matter how many outfits you’ll pack, you can never have too many bathing suits. The majority of your time in Ibiza will be spent on the beach, and swimwear will take you from breakfast to boat to beach club with the right accessories and cover-ups to suit your venue. I went for an impressive number of Figleaves bathing suits, that’s because they have incredible tummy control which I need after all the eating done in Ibiza. They will look amazing on any body type and will make you look fabulous. Affordable prices too and really qualitative fabrics as well!

To spice it up a bit, you could wear stripes, pon-poms and other types of embroidery, but keep the colours neutrals.

In terms of accessories, hats are essential. You’ll get through at least one a day so you might want to bring more than one. Sunnies are not just for protection, but also a crucial part of your Ibiza wardrobe. They are the cherry on top! Don’t forget about straw bags, which are so in this season, but you also need some structural light coloured bags, such as the blue tote from the new Isla Fontaine collection. Pack your cover-ups and you’re ready to hit Ibiza like a pro! Just add the right accessories, the more the merrier.

Flats will take you from beach to dinner and back again – no need for your feet to suffer in heels. There are so many stylish shoes to choose from, I’ve made a selection I am having my eyes on, but I lived in my white Topshop flats my entire trip.  

Going to Ibiza is like tasting old wines: you always discover something good about them. I can’t wait to be surprised by Ibiza next time I’ll fly there. It is one of my favourite islands in Europe and I hope by now you get why! If you wish to book a holiday of this nature or stay in Can Mimosa you can contact VIP/Concierge company Delicioulsy Sorted based in Ibiza who will sort out everything you could possibly want for the perfect holiday. You can also book luxury car service provided by Exclusive Rental Cars Ibiza, to make the entire holiday memorable.



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