Saturday breakfast

June 14, 2013

After a busy week, I felt the need to spoil myself and my husband. This morning started as a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a breakfast on the terrace. My cute pink table set was craving to be admired and used. We’ve enjoyed some marinated olives and Greek sauces as appetizers, followed by a delicious frittata with Italian tomato salad. As for dessert, fruit salad and cherry pastries seemed like a good idea. Obviously, orange juice and coffee couldn’t miss this feast.

For those of you that don’t know any frittata recipe, here is mine (it always suffers changes, depending on what’s in my fridge):


By June 14, 2013

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 2
  • Allergens :



1. Dice all the ingredients. Beat the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Add some dried basil.

2. Heat a pan, add about two spoons of oil, just enough to grease the pan. I prefer to make each frittata individualy, per person, so divide all the ingredients in two. Fry the ham, peppers and onions for about 4 minutes at medium heat, or until they are softened.

3. Add the eggs and cover all the ingredients. Turn the heat to low and let it set for a few minutes, but check it often as it gets burned easily. Flip carefully on the other side. When it's done, serve immediately. Repeat the process for the second frittata.


[box type=info]  The Italian salad is really simple to make. Just slice some cherry tomatoes, add diced feta cheese, season with salt, pepper and dried basil. Drizzle some olive oil and you are done. [/box]

Bon appétit!