Nuna ZAAZ high chair – innovation and class

July 17, 2017

When a high chair promises to last up to 12 years, I am sold. The contemporary high chair from Nuna has a chic, simple design, easy to use, easy to clean, and it has a clever adapt system. After finding out we are pregnant, I immediately looked into high chairs. Like the news was not big enough, I had to dive into all of the difficult decisions from the start. After browsing the shops and the internet for ideas, I have discovered Nuna ZAAZBuilt from the ground up with clever and practical design, the innovative high chair grows with your baby for years of chic yet sturdy mealtimes. The ZAAZ is exceedingly safety tested, comfortable, customizes to any size and matches your pre-baby lifestyle. With the modern colour scheme and the contemporary structure, the ZAAZ is definitely a keeper. It makes any kitchen look stylish and neat.

Some of the features I absolutely love about this high chair is that the baby tray is removable, so you can actually sit with your child enjoying meals at the same table. I have discovered that Emma eats better when she feeds herself from my plate. But then again, all babies think grown up food is more delicious, so as long as they eat, I am happy.  The 5-point harness that turns into a 3-point harness is really useful, keeping a restless baby safe. You can wash them pretty easily in the washing machine. The air foam cushion is so comfortable, while the uncomplicated design means the chair can be cleaned really fast with no hidden spots. The cushion lifts up so you can tidy up any hidden crumbs. I clean the chair with antibacterial wipes suitable for babies for ease of mind.

The hidden lever behind the footrest adjusts the height so you can turn the Nuna ZAAZ from baby high chair to junior chair with a few simple clicks. This chair is not only beautiful, it is smart too. Really easy to assembly, I didn’t even need instructions, since it is pretty straightforward. Emma couldn’t wait to try it. You should use this chair for babies who can sit up unaided. Even when you take the tray off, there is a toddler barrier holding your baby secure.  Emma is quite independent when it comes to eating, so a lot of mess is to be expected at meals time. The Nuna ZAAZ takes mess really well. The only crevice I couldn’t reach in the beginning was at the bottom of the barrier, but I discovered I can lift the cushion and wipe the crumbs away really easily.

The tray is not adjustable but it can come off as your child grows for up-to-the-table feeding. The barrier is a bit difficult to get Emma into sometimes if she won’t straighten her legs, but I can always put it on after she’s in, no fuss. The chair doesn’t fold away so it needs to stay at the table at all times. Since it is a state of the art, who wants to hide this beauty, anyway? 

Nuna ZAAZ is made for parents who want longevity, style, and practicality. Seeing your baby from babyhood to 12 years is something extraordinary, even for a high chair. Simple to use, easy to clean, it adapts to your child’s needs whatever stage they’re at. And it is breathtaking! 


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    alex dainel

    August 17, 2017

    So cute baby