The RED label with Dolly Lloyd

December 8, 2015

There is a new boutique in town and I am in love with it! Dolly Lloyd is a curated little shop housing 3 labels and it addresses to the modern, career-driven woman. The 54 Fulham Road store in Chelsea includes Teodosia’s debut collection with strong, elegant pieces, for a stunning appearance. From easy to wear to event pieces, there is something for even the pickiest. I’ve chosen my RED label wool casual dress from “Love N Fashion’ stocked at Dolly Lloyd, since it was love at first sight. I had to hide it from another enthusiast who had her eyes on it;) Since I am always at events and meetings, I needed something fashionable but practical as well, and this little grey piece is an amazing addition to my wardrobe. The RED label gives a sporty luxe vibrant look to the entire outfit, so just add a backpack and you’re good to go.
DSC_9520 DSC_9528 DSC_9562 DSC_9559 DSC_9536