I mean business: how to wear shorts at work

July 23, 2015

Summer is here and we all dream at laying on the beach, with a Margarita in one hand, and a glossy magazine in the other. The salted smell in the air, the soft sand caressing your feet, ice-cream cart nearby, and some yelling for a report. Say what? The office buzz wakes you up; your boss is looking impatiently, second guessing the day they hired you. Summertime isn’t all holidays, cocktails, and beaches. Fashionistas have to work too, and when they do it with ambition, nothing seems impossible. Even their work wardrobe.

Extreme hot weather might seem to induce everyone in a state of sartorial uncertainty, especially at work where everyone gets judged not only on their skills, but on their appearance too. Staying true to yourself, whether you’re holding a meeting, or discussing your next deal at the company day out on a yacht, your style should never suffer. One dilemma is wearing summer clothes appropriate to work that are trendy, yet comfortable and conservatory. Forget about wearing two pieces suits all the time. Yes, they are classy, but girl, you are still a trend setter, remember? Wear something controversial, and set the tone of a new office fashion.wearing shorts for work

Shorts have always been seen as unprofessional at work, but when you style them accordingly, you’ll be the hero of your peers. Shorts are a modern take on the pants and blazer look, and perfect for summer. But, if you are going to give this trend a go, it’s important to follow a set of rules:

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Bermuda shorts should be your obvious choice, with a clean crease and classic cut. The length should be right above your knee, just like a pencil skirt would. I have found these beautiful blue stitch shorts at Dorothy Perkins that are really comfortable, yet look so polish and preppy. The colour is important as well. Tangerine, yellow, or lime green are a no-no. Unless you are in charge of a circus, then anything goes.

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If you are adding a jacket, you can choose a slim one with hip length to emphasize the shorts. For a more conservative look, go for a boxy jacket, which will create a movement in your entire outfit. A silky blouse will make the look put-together and relatively conservative. Keep the colours in the nude palette, and the length office appropriate. For my look, I have opted for an ivory long sleeves boho shirt, with a ruffled seam.

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With shorts there is always an unwritten rule for work wear: keep them high, otherwise people will believe you are headed to the fishing pond. Not skyrocketing high, a 10 cm heel will be perfect. Dorothy Perkins has an amazing collection of beautiful heels. The ones I am wearing are so comfortable, despite the high heel, and they come in a metallic shade, that will make all my co-workers gasp with envy.wearing shorts for work

Now, girls, suit up in style! You’ve been briefed, prepped and trained. The summer is long and you’ve got so many styles to try out, why not go for the shorts route one day, too? For more work wear ideas, Dorothy Perkins has put together a list with tips for a summer spent in style at the office. Also, don’t neglect your precious hair. Even with the perfect outfit, no one will admire know you matched your suit, with a messy hair. I know, you’re a busy woman, a business woman in fact, but this doesn’t give you any excuse. By taking 2 minutes of your time in the morning, with Batiste dry shampoo your hair will look like you stepped out of a blow dry bar. Shh, I won’t tell, just make me proud!

If you haven’t got any idea about what is your work wear style, Dorothy Perkins has come up with quiz that will emphasize that for you: from strictly business, or quirky fun, it really is accurate! I had to style a “you mean business” outfit for this campaign and after I did the quiz I have actually got the “you mean business” personality, which means it’s been written in the stars! So if you want to know if you’re a career-minded kinda girl or if you’re wardrobe doesn’t really power dress you, everything is in the quiz.

For more inspiring work wear ideas, I have compiled a Pinterest office gear board that I am sure will help you out. Stay on top of the game in every aspect of your carrier, darling!

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