Denisa & Stef – Engagement, Cantacuzino Castle

October 17, 2015

Love is magical, some say. Love is pure, inspiring and beautiful. If you were to meet Denisa and Stef, you’ll see that all the love songs make sense. And in not a cheesy way. The most down to earth couple I’ve met, and I am not listing all these amazing features just because they are some of my best friends. Everyone they meet, from baristas in Starbucks, to people in church, capture a little bit of their sparkle, which is addictive, let me add. I’ve been known Denisa for a long time, but only in recent years we got to know each other better and I understand now what a soulmate looks like. Mine is ravishing, so excuse me for bragging. She is really sweet, talented, smart and stunning, and brightens up a room in an instance. When Stef met Denisa, he hurried up to woo her with his sense of humor and good looks. Luckily, she saw in him not only that, but also kindness, faith and an entire life together. Stef is a hairstylist and I remember chit-chatting with Denisa one day, as a joke, about the best jobs a boyfriend should have: photographer, Chef, and, what do you know, hairstylist. I am pretty sure she didn’t accept his courtship because of what he does for a living, but sure is great to have someone to take care of your locks everyday. We were taken by surprise when they have announced the engagement after a short while, but when you meet the ONE, you know, and don’t need extra confirmations to take the right decision.

This photoshoot was taken in a beautiful scenery in Busteni, Romania. The Cantacuzino Castle is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, and matched perfectly the couple’s playful attitude. Towards the sunset, we changed the mood on a more romantic note. The grandiose nature surrounding us was only complimenting the couple’s promises and declarations. A picture is worth 1000 words, so I am inviting you to witness just a little bit of their love I captured on a beautiful August day. 

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    October 17, 2015

    Elena, sunt superbe pozele! <3
    Abia astept sa vad la ce mai lucrezi! Te pup


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      Elena Sandor

      October 17, 2015

      Multumesc! Mai am cateva sedinte foto pe care trebuie sa le postez, imi mai trebuie timp;)