Diono Quantum pushchair – on how to be adventure ready

September 9, 2017

We love to travel, especially in the UK where there are so many exciting places to be discovered. With a toddler is hard to tick all your travel boxes though, not when you try to be adventurous in the almighty fields and forests of the Kingdom. Thankfully, the new Diono Quantum designed a stroller destined to overcome every bumpy road, cobbled path and uneven rocky roads. The multi-mode travel stroller has been inspired by parents to bring everyday simplicity to all different chores on our list.

Quantum is set with clever design features to keep baby safe, secure and protected in the extra-large seat, in order for you to focus on travelling in comfort, ease and style. It was pretty easy to assembly as well, while feeling safe and solid, proof it will last with constant use.  With the all terrain wheals, it has a completely symmetrical chassis for a perfect balance. It steers like a dream even with just one hand when the other one is busy with your other toddler.

One of the key features Diono Quantum is designed with that I love is the convertible 3-in-1 smart seat. The innovative design provides an all-in-one birth to toddler seat. Easy, quick and convenient! It has a dual facing option, and a luxury mattress and liner for carriage mode. The canopy is large with a peek-a-boo window, ventilation panel and pull down sun visor. Whatever the weather, they literally have it covered.

One other feature I am in love with is the one-step brake. No more scuffed and sore toes because with a simple step on step off movement is all that’s needed. Flip-flops are more than welcomed now!This stroller is large, meaning an XL basket. And we all know this is one feature I am guiding my stroller shopping after. I mean, Diono Quantum fits a cabin sized luggage bag in the extra large basket. Plus, whatever mode the stroller is in, there is always a space to access it. Imagine the amount of shopping bags you can fit in the basket, a dream come true, because every time I go shopping, I have to cut down on my spending since I don’t want to make too many trips to the car park.

The textured, colour co-ordinated buttons on the stroller allow for easy identification for when grandparents want to spend more time with the little one, walking in the park. Diono thought about everything! I know my mum has no idea on how to operate on my other strollers, but this one is a no-brainer. The wheels have a quick release for 360 swivel and full suspension, perfect for a smooth ride.The handle bar has 6 positions, which are so handy for different people. The foot rest is easy to clean, amazing with a messy baby. Yes, Emma is no princess when she is eating, trust me. There are reflective accents on the fabric for when dark comes too soon so everyone else walking their baby in the middle of the night can feel with you.

Diono Quantum is a one-hand fold. Unique geared operation works in two stages and features an automatic locking clip to ensure transporting the stroller with a little one in tow is manageable. It folds quite big though, so you might need a decent sized boot for when you travel, but you can remove the seat for storage logistics.As a con it is quite bulky, but for everyday use and travel Diono Quantum is one of the most durable, comfortable, easy to use all in one system on the market. The well thought out functionality makes life much easier for both baby and parents and I definitely recommend it to everyone who want to invest in a stroller that would last a long time, is stylish and has so many amazing features.