BABYBJÖRN High chair – smart safety in smooth design

December 30, 2017

I am getting addicted to BABYBJÖRN products. They are so easy to use, brilliantly designed and boasting with that ultimate Swedish style we all admire. The BABYBJÖRN High Chair is just the perfect addition to Emma’s lifestyle and to ours as a family, always busy and on the go. The high chair is really easy to install, as I didn’t need the manual when I took it out of the box. After a few minutes, I could feed Emma with no fuss. The chair is really stable and it provides a secure seat for your child, without being strapped. Emma hates being strapped in her stroller, in her old high chair, she really needs to feel free, and in this BABYBJÖRN high chair she can easily find her freedom.

The chair is really comfortable for the baby and its safety features are reassuring. With a unique safety solution, and an adjustable tray that locks into place, the baby is secured in an upright position during mealtimes. The chair is ideal for children that can sit unaided and can be used from the age of six months until the age of three without the need of a harness. It has a snug feel that protects against spills, saving time and allowing you more time to do other things. With no hidden spots but smooth surfaces, the chair is really easy to clean and the tray is detachable and dishwasher safe. The high chair is lightweight, no more than 5 kg, and it also folds flat, making it ideal for transportation or storage.  Emma feels the most comfortable in her BABYBJÖRN High Chair and she doesn’t complain at all. It’s really difficult to make her stop for one second and eat, as she loves playing and running around. Not even once we worried about her security in the chair. She can wiggle in her chair, she tries to sit up sometimes, but she is secured by the design of this Swedish technology. Honestly, the best investment you could think of for you child. We usually fold the chair away and we take it out at mealtimes. It is quite small and you can actually leave it in the kitchen, or move it around as it’s so light. It’s not difficult at all to hold the baby with one hand and secure the tray with the other, Emma already knows the lesson and she happily complies. We are really impressed by the new member of our family, it’s been helping us a lot with feeding a energetic baby and I see how happy Emma is when she can finally sit at the table next to us. She is learning to feed herself and we are struggling to make her let us help her in this quest. Since she is quite an independent little girl, I see why the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is one of her favourite. Nothing restrains her to tackle this thing called living!