April 27, 2013

I am starting a page for the most frequently asked recipe/baking questions. I found them here, and I totally agree. If I will get asked some new ones, I will write the answers on this column.[box type=ok]I tried a recipe and it didn’t turn out right. What went wrong? The first thing I would ask is, did you make any type of substitutions or alter the ingredients or technique in any way from the written instructions? When a recipe is published on the site, it means that I have made it successfully the way it is written; if any changes are made to the ingredients or technique, I cannot guarantee the outcome. Aside from changes, there are so many variables when it comes to baking (air temperature, humidity, ingredient temperatures, and so much more) that unless I’m right there in the kitchen with you, it’s going to be virtually impossible for me to pinpoint what exactly went wrong. [/box][box type=ok] Can I substitute X for Y in a recipe? The short answer is, I would strongly recommend that you don’t. More often than not, that extra trip to the store is 100% worth it when it comes to using the ingredients that are called for in a recipe. Once you start changing ingredients, the outcome can be compromised. That being said, we’ve all been in a serious bind before, so I’ve put together a Substitutions page where you can find some common ingredient substitutions that you can use when you’re in a pinch.[/box][box type=ok] I have a convection oven. How do I need to alter the recipe? The general rule of thumb for converting a recipe from a conventional oven to a convection oven is to either use the same temperature and bake for 75% of the stated time (i.e. if a recipe says to bake for 20 minutes, bake for only 15 if using a convection oven), or you can reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees F and bake for the same time or use a combination of reduced time and temperature. Also, open the oven door as little as possible during baking. [/box][box type=ok] I’m baking at a high altitude, help! Please see the High Altitude Baking page for some common problems and solutions related to baking at high altitudes.[/box][box type=ok] How do I know if my baking soda and baking powder are still fresh? To test if baking powder is still good, combine 1 teaspoon baking powder with 1/3 cup hot water. If it bubbles, it’s still good! To test baking soda, put 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into a small bowl and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. If it fizzes immediately, it’s still good! [/box][box type=ok] Have you thought about creating low-fat, low-sugar, gluten-free or vegan versions of recipes? In a word, no. Sometimes the very nature of a particular recipe will give it any of those characteristics, but I do not develop recipes specifically for any of those purposes.[/box]


[box type=ok] I am starting a food blog. Can you give me some tips or advice on how to get started? Most people who have been running a food blog for a long time started it as a mere hobby, and it grew from there. Start a food blog because you love baking, you love photography, and you love writing. Bake and write from your heart, allowing your personality to come through. Don’t try to sound like someone else, or copy someone else’s style. The very best thing you can do is to be yourself.[/box][box type=ok]  Can I share one of your recipes on my blog? Yes, absolutely! I don’t believe in holding recipes hostage; food is love, and I believe whole-heartedly in sharing recipes. I only ask that you share recipes that you have actually made (and are not merely re-printing a recipe), use your own photos of the finished recipe, write the post and recipe in your own words, and provide a link back to the page on www.eatweartravel.com where you found the recipe. [/box][box type=ok] Can I use one of your photos on my website? All of the photos that appear on www.eatweartravel.com are copyrighted, so please contact me if you would like to use one on your site, as explicit permission is required. The one caveat to that is if you are putting together a roundup of recipes on your site and would like to include a recipe from Eileen Cuisine and use the accompanying photo, you may do so as long as the photo contains a permalink back to the original recipe on www.eatweartravel.com.[/box][box type=ok] Can we exchange links? I do not do link exchanges, but if you have a blog or website that you would like me to bring to my attention, please feel free to share it with me.[/box]


[box type=ok] Do you take all of the photos on Eileen Cuisine? Yes, all of the photos that appear on this site have been photographed by me, unless stated otherwise.[/box][box type=ok] What type of camera do you use? Which lens? I currently have a Nikon D60 with a Nikon 60mm f/2.8G Nikkor Macro lens.[/box]


[box type=ok] What do you do with all of the food that you post about? You can’t possibly eat it all! How do you not weigh 1,000 pounds? I eat a little bit of everything that I post here. Everything I make is shared with my family, and sometimes what I make has been prepared for a get-together or party. [/box]

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April 21, 2013