The Discovery Adventures podcast by Land Rover – our trip to Costswolds

October 14, 2017

We are a family of globetrotters. Well, we have dreams of discovering the entire world, and we do travel quite a lot for a couple with a one year old, so we know a thing or two about challenges while on the road. Getting excited when planning a trip is shadowed by the ugly truth: you get bored while listening to the same music, sometimes to the same white noise when the reception is bad. I must admit, this situation puts me off a lot, and thinking about visiting cities further than Essex where we live, makes me feel adventurous. Emma is quite the energetic kid and she has to be entertained in the car, or else she has her own music. And it’s not the pleasant kind.

I’ve compiled a list of her favourite tunes but I can see my husband cringe every time Old MacDonald and The Wheels on The Bus pop up every ten minutes. Which made me think of a better option that can satisfy both adults and kids while spending time trapped in a moving box. This is how I have found the Discovery Adventures, a series of podcasts designed, written and recorded to be listened to during a car journey. Developed by Land Rover, they wanted to reignite a passion for the unparalleled beauty of the British landscape. What better way to enjoy the view, than by listening to a truly innovative form of audio drama.

Not long ago we went on a trip to Cotswolds and we absolutely loved our journey there. The 3 hours drive would have been horrendous with a screaming baby, but we were all captivated by the story-driven podcast which blends car adventures with educational sections. The audio experience is amazing, we actually felt in the middle of the story, due to the binaural sound experience. What else to be expected, since Land Rover brought Gareth Fry on board, the triple Olivier award-winning sound designer. With an authentic and immersive binaural sound, the podcast is inspiring and it actually made us go out more and visit the places in the story.

The talented cast (Hugh Skinner, Natalie Dormer, Alexander Armstrong, Neil Oliver, and others) travel the land to solve a compelling mystery, and you can actually hear sounds of locations such as the Natural History Museum, Cheddar Gorge, and Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. The podcast is an enabler of adventures, and it also brings families together, especially on journeys where everyone is on individual screens. Enjoying the same story builds families strong, captivates and draws constructive dialogs around young Sam, his uncle, his dog and the friends they pick up on their way to discover who is scrambling GPS signals across the UK.

The 7 episodes are around 15 minutes long, and you learn so many interesting facts as the story unfolds, that by the time we reached our destination, we had to remain in the car to hear the ending. The recording is so well made, that it gives a real sense of panorama, of landscape, allowing us to imagine we’re a part of the story, in the heart of the action. Driving through Cotswolds listening to the Discovery Adventures made our trip much more interesting, and since this place is one of my favourite in England, it added a bit of magical mystery to it. Just so you know, when visiting Cotswolds, make sure to visit the Lavender field, it is such an amazing experience, and it smells divine too. Have a taste of their lavender scones, one of the best I’ve had, and you know me and my afternoon teas obsession.

Drive through Burford and stop at The Lygon Arms for dinner. The place is special, and I can’t believe they didn’t open a restaurant in London yet, as the food is delicious! The village is gorgeous, with little shops, Cream Teas, narrow alleys and picturesque spots everywhere.

For a quick lunch go to Broadway, another little village in Cotswolds, where time stops and you feel surrounded by history. All the quirky shops, old pubs, stone houses, smiley locals, made me want to retire here in a few years. I truly wish we didn’t go back to our life in London, but stay on the road, discovering more adventures in the beautiful England, listening to our podcast. Being trapped in a car, a place of reduced distractions, allows for important quality time, and what better way than exploring the world through the characters eyes rather than necessary experience the linear narrative. Now that’s how you can become more active in the story and make your own adventures.

The series is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Acast.

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