4 lessons Emma taught me this Christmas

December 24, 2016

Being a mom hit me pretty hard. You get 9 months, but there is nothing to prepare you for what comes after delivering the baby. You can read all the parenting books under the sun, the element of surprise is always going to be there, since all babies are unique, with individual needs and personalities. These last 4 months taught me there is nothing better to do than go with the flow, led by your baby’s signals.

I couldn’t wait for Christmas, to be honest. I was 2 months pregnant when I bought her top with “My first Christmas”. My favourite holiday of the year, the season of love, promise, and majesty, lights and happiness. People are nicer around this time of year and offering seems to be on everyone’s lips. What are you getting to your dear ones? Trying to guess what your loved one wants, might seem impossible, but the thrill of discovering a pretty wrapped gift under the tree is something we’re looking for the entire year. This holiday got me thinking about all the gifts I got from my baby so far.emma-chloe-xmas-web-2 emma-chloe-xmas-web-4Smile. And then smile some more. The first time she smiled, when she was just a couple of days old, I thought the sky opened up. I knew it was just early reflexes newborns have, but for me, it felt so special. At around one month she started smiling on purpose and fast forward one and a half month later, she burst out laughing when she heard me cooing at her. After that, she loved to laugh all the time, at children, animals, random people in the street, when I kiss her under her chin, even when she is sick. We call her “Happy-Happy Joy-Joy” all the time. This taught me to always enjoy even the smallest details in my life, keep a positive attitude, and live to the fullest. No matter the circumstances, a frowned face would never bring you closer to what you desire, but an honest and happy heart. emma-chloe-xmas-web-6 emma-chloe-xmas-web-7Keep fighting for what you want. Emma’s always been strong-willed, even as a baby bump. She showed me this the most after a four days labor, when in the end she came as she wanted: through a C-section. As a newborn, Emma let us know she is in charge starting with how she wants to be fed, her sleeping schedule, down to her lovey. I am a pretty headstrong myself, and had a lot of principles set up for her, but I had to break every single one, just to adapt to her needs. She taught me this way to have a plan and stick to it. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, and never shift your eyes off the prize. Move mountains, and you’ll find gold.
emma-chloe-xmas-web-8 emma-chloe-xmas-web-11Forgive and forget. At 4 months she got her first cold. This meant a lot of treatment to attack the virus and see my baby healthy and happy as before. I honestly thought I could be a doctor, but seeing Emma suffering after sticking her with droppers, nasty syrups, removing the snot with horrible tools, and still loving me after, taught me the power of forgiveness. I actually asked my sister, how come she still smiles at me, hugs me and stops crying right after I put her to that torture? She wisely replied: babies are so pure, they can’t think bad of someone, especially their moms. She knows I want to make her breathe better, so she forgives and forgets. What a powerful lesson! emma-chloe-xmas-web-14Keep your curiosity levels up. I know babies are always on a quest for the next best thing, but Emma is something else. She is mine, so I have all the right in the world to praise her common skills. Why wouldn’t I, since she is so special to me? She’s been up in her crib checking everything surrounding her room since she was just a few weeks old. Discovering my face, fingers, my words make her so exciting and thrilled. All the songs, commercials, stories she hears can catch her full attention in a heartbeat. She loves long walks in her wrap, or in my arms while discovering this wonderful world. This taught me to never let go to my curiosity. There are still so many wonders to see, so many diamonds to polish, so many marvelous events to witness. emma-chloe-xmas-web-12

I hope these lessons Emma taught me can spark something inside you, and make you take some action next year. Happy Christmas!

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