Nuna REBL Plus – the only car seat you’ll ever need

June 4, 2017

Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibility. Every aspect of your offspring needs to be accounted for, to ensure baby and parents are happy. When moms start nesting, there are countless options on the market, and things can get confused without a proper guide. I am still to write one from my own experience of buying a lot of baby stuff I never used, as well as items I can’t live without. One of them is the Nuna REBL Plus car seat. After deciding what stroller you get, the car seat is next on the baby shopping list, being one of the most important acquisitions as a new parent. The market is indeed boasting with choices, and it’s best to read some reviews before deciding to buy one brand or another. It’s good to know that there are different options: either smaller, lighter ones you can carry, suitable for up to 15 months or stronger, smarter ones, suitable from birth all the way up to 4 years of age. The new Nuna REBL plus converts so that your little one can ride safer for longer rear facing.

I picked the newest design from the Suited collection, boasting meticulous attention to detail and using an iconic two-toned tweed premium fabric to make a chic statement. As a true fashionista, even parenthood needs to live up to high standards. With custom crafting from hand-sewn leather-look accents to elegantly placed stitch lines, each piece of the Suited collection fuses masculine qualities with feminine undertones for a refined assortment that is truly tailor-made.

With the 360° rotating seat, putting Emma in the car has never been easier. The Nuna REBL plus is an i-Size swiveling car seat offering parent and child everything they need to stay safe and comfortable whilst on car journeys. It takes quite a lot of moves to insert a child in other car seats without making them cry, and I’ve been through so many tantrums in the past. Now you just push a button, rotate the seat towards you and there you have it, the baby sits comfortably in a few seconds. The swivel action means that the seat can be effortlessly transformed from rearward to forward facing, as well as allowing you to turn the seat towards the door and get the baby in and out without fighting with difficult angles.

Opening the box, you don’t need to assemble anything since the car seat comes with the built in ISOFIX. Connect the two arms at the back of the base with the anchor points in your car. There are green indicators displayed on either side of the anchor points when the seat is securely clicked into place. The support leg that drops down to your car’s footwell to provide ultimate stability can extend firmly on the floor when the red indicators will disappear. The seat is really simple to install, thanks to the clear instructions. 

The car seat is quite very hard wearing, seriously strong steel frame and ultra resistant, top of the line plastics that combine for superior protection. The steel strength technology is superior to other car seats I’ve seen on the market. Still, the thick woven fabric is soft and comfortable, with patented tailor tech™ memory foam and removable infant head and body inserts offering ultimate side impact security. The seat looks and feels durable, yet stylish and modern. Another feature I love about the REBL plus is the spare car seat and headrest cover. The extra cover is made from a more breathable material, perfect as a summer cover. The baby has plenty of room in the rearward facing position since the seat comes complete with newborn inserts. When the inserts are removed, the seat can easily accommodate a four-year-old with room to spare. 

The seat is quite wide, but the new reinforced steel wall and stronger steel frames make up for any space it takes in the car. There are seven recline positions on the base of the REBL plus, and whether the baby is sleeping or playing, you can change the position to suit. There is not a big difference between the positions, but Emma slept perfectly fine and she seems pretty happy in the car seat, something we never expected with our old one.

The harness is padded on the shoulders and crotch and they adjust automatically as you alter the headrest to suit your child’s height. They seem quite big on a smaller body, but the larger surface area puts less pressure in the event of an accident.

Finally, I can breathe easily when traveling with Emma. She used to cry a lot in her car seat, and I could see she didn’t feel comfortable. My husband never wanted to travel alone with Emma sitting in the back because he couldn’t comfort her. The first morning he took Emma to her babysitter in the Nuna REBL, she slept the entire way there. The second morning she played happily in her seat, signs she loves her new REBL plus. Which means the Nuna car seat is definitely on my “things new parents can’t survive without” list.

With impressive upgrades, such as supreme protection for baby, simple installation, and the ability to rear face from birth until 4 years old, as well as the swivel motion makes the REBL Plus one of the best car seats on the market. Excellent quality, running through their entire range of products. You can find the Nuna REBL Plus exclusively at Mothercare. I’ve got so many amazing reviews for you from Nuna, so make sure to check this space if you want what’s best for your bundle of joy.

Post sponsored by Nuna. All opinions and observations are my own.