Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan – all terrain luxury baby ride

April 24, 2017

My baby has quite some rides because we couldn’t decide on one brand. We had to try them all, just like men with their cars. With buggies, it is the same. You want one for the holidays, one for shopping days, one for facing the crowd in the tube, and one for rougher terrain. We were looking to get a smaller, lighter stroller for the city when I heard about Mountain Buggy. Their Nano stroller had such a hype on all parenting blogs, that I had to look into it. This is how I found Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. We still got the Nano, but that’s for another review. 

The Cosmopolitan Luxury Collection went straight to my heart. As a fashionista mom, I know the struggle of a beautifully designed but functional buggy. The gorgeous Geo edition of Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan features an eye-catching charcoal geometric print and brings the ultimate style without compromising the brand’s signature DNA of maneuverability, simplicity, adaptability and durability. The high style and high function blend are winning in my book, and the New Zealand-based company has created a robust buggy with a chic city look. The stroller is suitable from birth to toddler age, including a seat that converts to lie-flat mode. Although in the box you get a carrycot, it is still a great feature for when your baby wants to rest. 

The assembly is really easy, a matter of minutes clipping on the wheels and attaching the sun canopy and grab bar. Since we were ready to go for a test drive, I thought what better surroundings but the park? Hampstead Heat is a lovely natural setting, with many bumpy paths in the woods, perfect for checking if the hype is true. No wonder the gossip, this Mountain Buggy is definitely a sturdy ride, and you can easily steer with one hand, even on bumpy ground. My husband’s favourite feature is the big wheels and the lock buttons on top of each front wheel, which allow you to switch between lock and swivel positions really fast. The tires and suspension make for a smooth ride even on grass, gravel and cobbled road. 

The seat is well padded, roomy and the fabric looks so stylish, fitting the city vibe. Emma looked comfortable in the stroller and slept really fast every time we were out and about. The shoulders straps have three heights. The seat can also face forward or rear, and it has three seat recline positions, easily moving between them by lifting a small lever with one hand. The Cosmopolitan is easy to push and it moves so smooth, but it is not the lightest urban stroller. Luckily, we have a garage where we store it, so I don’t have to climb the stairs to our flat with it every day. Although, I do need to workout, so it might come in handy. Definitely, one of the sturdiest strollers I’ve tested that can handle rougher terrain and still look fashionable and edgy. 

 The handle is semi-adjustable fixed at 102 cm above the ground, perfect for me. My husband can still adjust the bar, which he finds great. I absolutely love the grab bar, makes the entire appearance of the buggy luxurious, and it is handy too. Emma loves checking everything around her, she is really active in the buggy, so the bar keeps her safe. The folding is seamless, but you need the seat in forward-facing mode. Push a button on both sides of the frame and a large button on the handle and it folds flat. It’s a fair size when folded, but not really small, so you do need some space to store it or a bigger luggage compartment. 



The feature I love the most is the basket which is huge and can fit up to 10kg of things, with two steel bars underneath providing extra support. The buggy comes with a baby changing bag, well compartmented and stylish. I also love the fabric, hard-wearing, and gender neutral. The adjustable foot rest is made of rubber, easy to wipe clean. The brake pedal is easy to push forward for on and backward for off really easily. You can also extend the canopy by unzipping an additional mesh panel, but I think I need an extra sun canopy because in lie-flat mode it is difficult to keep Emma out of the sun. Although, with the amount of sun in London, she won’t get a tan anytime soon.

In conclusion, although Emma has a collection of strollers, we keep coming back to Mountain Buggy for our day to day walks to the shopping center, to the park, and mostly to anywhere else, to be honest. Adaptable, flexible, durable, the Cosmopolitan is the perfect choice for parents who want a stylish, high-end stroller for on and off road. 


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    April 25, 2017

    Loved this! Your little daughter is adorable!



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    July 12, 2017

    I’ve just bought the Nuna Mixx suited pram/pushchair- now wondering whether I made the wrong decision with 8 weeks to go till my due date! Any advice? x

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      Elena Sandor

      August 1, 2017

      I actually have Nuna Mixx too! I still have to post a review these weeks and to be honest, I kept both of them! Nuna is really stylish and sturdy as well, while Mountain Buggy is great for everyday walks to the mall, to the park. I use it every day because of the basket, it is so big and it fits all my shopping bags. Emma sleeps well in it, it is really comfortable, but Nuna is pretty much similar so any of the two is a wise decision.