Why happily ever after is not enough

January 19, 2017

I’ve been a hopeless romantic for a long time. I remember being in love with love, believing in fairy tales and day dreaming about prince charming. Every day, another prince to be honest, but hey, I was a teenager, so I had all the rights. Life moved on, and my thoughts about love shifted. Now I know better than to think the perfect love story exists. It’s all about perception, circumstances, and mood. It’s all about not regretting anything because every sentiment felt at one point in your life, took you to the next one while building your present emotional intelligence. Why am I writing this post? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and all social media channels are going to be flooded with soapy love messages which will be met with a few rolled eyes here and there. This post is about the truth behind love in 5 pieces of advice from my point of view. It’s also about a gorgeous dress to wear for your date.

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My first advice for being the perfect partner is to know your flaws and qualities and come clean about who you really are. There’s no point in disappointing your loved one, when you could save time, intense moments, and arguings. Most of my relationships ended because of false expectations, lies, and pretense behaviors, and this was the case in all love/friendship rapports. When I am involved in a relation I give my all, and this has come to bring me a few tears but also joy to know I am true to myself.

Why I think happiness is never achievable in a relationship? Because there is no such thing as an ending point to a romantic liaison in which we can declare ourselves to be content with the level of maturity and integrity we attain in a relation. We should always grow to know our better half and improve the love part from all fronts: mentally, physically, emotionally. Living in the present does the trick. Stop thinking about what else to change to make the relationship perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist, but two people who strive to become the better version of themselves, be the best companion to each other, and live life to the fullest. DSC_3870

No matter the heartache, let go of people who don’t appreciate you. Stop being plan B, stop settling. Keep looking for that person who looks into your eyes like you’re the only woman on the planet, like you’re his air. My romantic side kicks in once in a while. Why seeing your loved one dreaming about someone he couldn’t get? Half measures are never enough and they translate in years of silent emotional pain, which is the worse. Bitter and resentful, not the prettiest picture in a relationship, right? Make your choices wise and 100% in harmony with what your heart speaks to you. It is the only one who doesn’t lie. DSC_3885

The best way to enjoy a healthy relationship is to never get bored. Being with the same person for many years is wonderful, but it is also a danger to your activities, which are less and less common. Spending time with your boo doesn’t mean both on each of their laptops, phones, separate but on the same couch. It means sparkling the connection with surprise dinners, games, holidays, walks in the park, talks at midnight, feet massages, and the list can go on and on. It’s a matter of will, respect and attention. Women ask for so little, despite the reputation. We can be easily impressed with 5 minutes of communication and a flower bouquet. It’s as simple.

When things go South, it’s easy to walk away. Better put on the gloves and start fighting. A long relationship suffers from distancing, lack of time spent together, misunderstandings, unpredicted events, all conjuring to split-ups. This shouldn’t be the case if both partners love each other, compromise, and discuss any issue they meet, with calm. It’s not about who is better, who should win, it’s not a bull fight in an arena called marriage. It’s all about working together not against each other. I need to confess, I used to be pretty Latina, impulsive and fighty, but now, after such a long relationship, I take my time digesting all the problems who pop up in my marriage and don’t speak up about them right away. I sleep on it, then find the right moment and attitude to discuss and put my man in the corner. LOL. I still work on lowering my voice and be reasonable but this subject is for another post.


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