The modern blue fashionista

September 12, 2015

The moment you visit the Cantacuzino Castle in Romania, you enter a different world. Time stops and you can barely breath. There is no need for air actually, since the view is stunning and takes your breath away. Everything slows down, and you transform into this bohemian person, listening to the jazz music playing in the nearby restaurant overlooking the picturesque Carpathians. So, what do you wear when your path takes you to this land of unforgettable beauty and serene surroundings? Little Mistress has an overwhelming selection of feminine outfits, such as this deep blue crochet dress, matching the clear sky. I am sure I’ve lost you right now with my long descriptions, but trust me, being in my heels and seeing what I saw will definitely¬†infuse you too with poems and lyrics.

Visiting my beautiful country this summer was a treasure I will cherish forever, because I haven’t done it in a while and I missed the beauty in simplicity, the stunning architecture and landscapes. I will write a post after Fashion Week (month actually) about what I am suggesting to visit if you’re into medieval castles and no man’s lands!

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