The Greek goddess edition

April 20, 2016

Life is more than a pretty dress caressing your overly toned body. Life is about your attitude towards all experiences it throws at you. This is not a philosophical post, but I wanted to mention that even though I write about all things pretty, it doesn’t mean my mind is constantly infused with current trends and picture perfect ideas. Take the Greek mentality for example. It’s about the easiness of living, loving like there is no tomorrow, and enjoying the simplest things in life. I am actually watching The Durrells, a TV show about life in Corfu in the mid 30s, defined by strong family ties, the joy of discovery and the wonders of life.zaeem jamal greek collectionThis is what Zaeem Jamal new Greek collection embodies and more. Whimsical, with the world’s finest fabrics, the red carpet and bridal designer weave pastels, and bold colours alike, textures and shapes into the perfect gown and accessories. The Grecian kaftan dress I am wearing is the epitome of fluid perfection, the right choice to welcome Spring in a beautiful lavender silk. Definitely a showstopper, long admired by passers by on a warm April day in Notting Hill, I felt like a goddess, walking on clouds. My 5 months bump fit to perfection in this scenery, and it was the perfect moment to announce the blogosphere we are having a little girl! What else can you announce in a princess dress?zaeem jamal greek collection

My glow and radiance shouldn’t be attributed only to my pregnancy, I had a lot of help from the talented makeup artist Alina Milos, using her own makeup line, Lin & Lo. All natural and organic, the brand is made in France and would launch late May, so we’re all excited about this amazing news. Expect beautiful and silky lipsticks, velvety foundation, a great colour range of eyeshadows and so much more. The luxurious beauty brand is definitely worth trying, I am sure you will be hooked!

Stop and admire the roses, as they say. Don’t worry about tomorrow, it’s not yours anyway. And let’s all be happy for my baby girl, I know my world is turning pink and I am loving it!

Photography: Alina Kolomiichenko

DSC_7670hhg DSC_7713jj zaeem jamal greek collection zaeem jamal greek collection

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    Adelynn Pang

    September 19, 2016

    oh WOW! You are a greek goddess indeed! So Stunning!

    Adelynn Pang

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    April 22, 2017

    I was looking through Twitter nonchalantly, then checked my notifications. I am glad I did!
    Lin & Lo have become followers of mine; from your stunning, beautiful, photography of yourself, I can see why there is many a positive remark.

    I liked how you were straight to the point, but kept detail in every aspect.

    I wish you joy in the new chapters of the life you have ahead.