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Mama on board with Isabella Oliver

August 3, 2016

I am 37 weeks now, and it’s been a rollercoaster. I can’t believe I am almost at the end, and still going strong. There were tales about the last month being the hardest, slowest and with the most struggles, but I had to go through it to believe it. It’s been hard moving around, and the hardest part is finding clothes to wear. Who wants to go out, anyway? Well, I used to be such an active person, especially during summer, so I couldn’t just stay indoors, with all the sun in Bucharest! DSC_7983When you’re heavily pregnant, nothing looks cute on you, trust me. People will try to be nice, but I know better, and mirrors don’t lie. Thankfully, Isabella Oliver knows how to flatter any mom to be, with their new collection. I’ve been wearing this black tank dress with bra support and ruffles to hug your bump, and I can honestly say I didn’t feel at all huge, but rather foxy! It did draw quite the attention, I must say, when I took these pictures, and if back in the day I hated when people were staring at my belly, now I felt beautiful, confident and happy to be pregnant for the first time in my third trimester. DSC_7938The brand has released some really cute travel pins for those days when you want a seat on the train. Some people are so ignorant, rude or lazy to offer you their seat, so these travel badges are so handy! They come in three messages: Mama on board, Real baby not food baby, and Please mind the bump. Fun messages which might make commuters come back to common sense and do a good deed. The pins are offered for free with every purchase from the new Isabella Oliver collectionpregnancy fashionNo matter how you feel on the inside, you deserve to shine on the outside. Pregnancy shouldn’t be treated as a gap year in your wardrobe, relations, or life in general. You are creating a human being so you should be treated accordingly: with respect, dignity, and beauty!


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    Jessi Malay

    August 8, 2016

    That is absolutely adorable! Loving those shades as well.

    XO, Jessi