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Painting colours in Bordeaux, France

November 4, 2016

France is beautiful, we all know it, and it has more to offer than the overly known Paris, this is why we decided to travel to Bordeaux, a few months ago. Almost the entire city has been declared a World Heritage Site, because of the classical and neo-classical architecture and urban development. In 2015 Bordeaux won the European Best Destination Award, not only for galleries and museums but also due to the city’s vibe. The world’s wine capital, Bordeaux is a peaceful city, a melange between old and new, spread along the River Garonne in South-West France.

The city is an attraction not only because of galleries and museums but because of its elegant vibe and calm pace. The World Heritage Site, named by Unesco, due to unique architecture, Bordeaux reveals treasure after treasure. The churches on the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela are some of the favourite things that captivated me when I visited the city, along with the walks in the city centre admiring the cutest little chocolate shops. What do you actually do when you’re in Bordeaux? We only spent one day there, on our way to Barcelona, but you can start your morning with an early coffee in the Triangle d’Or, Bordeaux’s centre. From here you can admire the open medieval avenues and neo-classical richness of the city. Off you go in the Place-des-Quinconces to the riverfront where all the promenades are, followed by the magnificent Palais-de-la-Bourse and take a shot or two.
dsc_2509 dsc_2512Don’t expect only old heritage, the city is a mix of urban too, and you can see that in St Pierre district, where the old churches contrast streets full of bars, restaurants and shops, especially on Rue Ste Catherine. In the evening you can dine at Le Chapon Fin, which hosted presidents and different stars. Eating outside in France is mandatory, and there are plenty of raved places to offer you delicious food and beautiful views. Try the Cafe Francais in Place Pey-Berland or My Salad of the South West.

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dsc_2535 You can’t visit Bordeaux without sipping the finest wines, and Bordeaux is worldwide known for the best wines you can try. You can take a daily vineyard tour, starting with Sauternes, moving to Graves and enjoy a glass of white. Or red, depending on your preferences. There is always Millesima, the cellar in Bordeaux with over 2.5 million bottles to taste if you’re a wine aficionado. There are plenty to do in Bordeaux, you just need to be there and let yourself immerse in the city’s old & new vibe.

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    November 8, 2016

    You give me inspiration to style like you.I will be your follower.

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    November 9, 2016

    I love the photos, it looks like a fashion magazine!

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    You look absolutely stunning with that outfit!