How to make memories this Christmas

December 22, 2016

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. Probably because we used to finally get some presents when we were kids, and our house smelled like cakes and oranges. Singing in the church choir got another meaning around this time, bringing me closer and closer to the real signification of this much treasured holiday. Growing up, I loved spending Christmas with my friends, just because my family was them. I remember one time, I was 18, when I gathered around a pot of “sarmale” with my bestie, Ana. We were home alone, trying to make some polenta to go with the main dish when we almost burned down the house. Now these are some memories to pass on to the next generation. Reaching 32 means taking Christmas to another level. So how do you spend a memorable Christmas?mada15First, you take a bunch of friends. The more the merrier, the wild the better. Every party needs its people, to be perfect. We’ve got the goddess and center of attention, Silvia from Postolatieva. She’s not just stylish, beautiful, and one of the best bloggers in Romania, but also a talented designer! You have to check her website, she creates the most intricate lace dresses, and elegant pieces you’ve ever seen. Definitely, a wardrobe must have this Christmas. Moving on to the girl next door, Alexandra. She is this sweet, easy going girl who will spice up any party with her smile. She is a gorgeous makeup artist and beauty aficionado, so friendly and warm. No wonder no party is complete without her. Madalina is this amazing mom, a really wonderful parenting blogger, and one of my best friends, actually. I have no idea when does she find time to do all the charity work, amazing Love projects, run a blog, and be a full-time mom. She is an inspiration and an oasis of wisdom. This is why she’s in! Last, but not least, we need a male figure, don’t we? Adrian is a dapper gentleman with an amazing style, all women need a friend like him around them! Also, he did all the “dirty work” at the party with the setup and gift wrapping, thank God for people like him. Now the party is complete, moving on to step two. img_8286Start offering. It can be anything, as long as it comes from your heart. No amount of money can buy happiness, you should be able to offer a smile, a meaningful gesture, or a touch of love. Throw in a pair of Valentinos, and you’ve just made my Christmas. Children are the perfect example of the purity of Christmas. They get all excited around this time of year, even if they only receive some biscuits. Or are they? Nonetheless, Andrei, Madalina’s son couldn’t hide his joy anymore, around all the wrapped boxes. I know I couldn’t either! img_4938christmas-party-4 The perfect decor sets the mood. It’s really difficult to spend this holiday without the smell of Christmas tree, without any lights, carols, or snow. Floraria Iris made the perfect setup for our party, and also the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen in my life. All natural, decorated with handcrafted ornaments, a piece of art, remembering us why we love Christmas in the first place. I really find the idea of a rustic, yet elegant centerpiece, appealing and modern at the same time. The atelier was busy with all the orders, but Nicu Bocancea, the genius mastermind behind everything, helped unfold the table setup as well, where every piece had its perfect role and place. floraria irischristmas-party-12The cake. It should be memorable, just like our gold macarons cake from Boon Boon by Mireille. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, while my tasting buds were seriously put to a test. In the end I didn’t have enough time to try it, but I had the pleasure of tasting another fabulous creating from Mirela, and it was delicious. She makes art on a plate, too beautiful to be eaten, too good not to enjoy. Speaking about plates, Villeroy & Boch offers elegance and refined luxury through artful tableware, cutlery and glasses, making any Christmas dinner memorable.silvia5img_5030abp_5128Don’t forget to have fun. Everything ends so quickly, therefore enjoy it while it lasts. Or videotape it, so you’ll relive those special Christmas moments when you feel the need of a cheerful reminder.

abp_5124christmas with friends christmas-party-15

Dress by Monsoon¦ Shoes by Boden¦ Photo by Andreea Bordeanu