Fiery red for Paris Fashion Week

October 29, 2015

Red has seen a comeback on most of the catwalks this season, and at first, I was a bit reluctant, because this is the colour I’ve used to wear everyday when I was a child. My mom and aunt really loved red and wanted to make sure I do too. As the story goes, I banned this colour from my wardrobe 20 years ago, but now it seems like a breath of fresh air among all the beige, blues and burgundy we’ve gotten accustomed to. Red is bold, over the edge, elegant, sensual; no wonder the biggest designers in the industry have put all their bets on it for next year’s fashion. The dress I have decided to wear in Paris for Fashion Week, is the simplest definition of fiery elegance. Probably my favourite outfit in a long time, this Asos dress matched perfectly the snake print lace up heels from Boohoo, proving that you can wear midi length without being scared of it. BrandAlley took care of my designer arm candy, therefore if you want to save a fortune on designer handbags, this website is the perfect destination. Will I start to wear red more often? Just wait and see!

IMG_2107 IMG_2111 IMG_2112 IMG_2130 IMG_2139 IMG_2124
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    November 10, 2015

    I am not a fan of red also, but every girl must have at least one red dress in their wardrobes and you look amazing in this dress

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      Elena Sandor

      November 10, 2015

      Thank you!